September 14, 2011

Night School Widow

My husband works so very hard to provide for our family so that I can stay home and raise our kids like we want.  That doesn’t mean their aren’t sacrifices.  We are very smart with our $$ and have learned to spend very responsibly since getting married in 2008.  A few months ago Paul joined the Duluth Pipefitter’s Union and has been busy working so hard.  He loves the work and the advancements that are available to him.  He is currently a second year apprentice and will be a fully licensed journeyman in 4 years.  WHICH MEANS….I am a night school widow.  3 days a week he leaves the house @ 6 am and doesn’t get home till 9:30-10pm.  That makes for long days for both him AND me and the kiddos.  Plus it is hard for him not to see the kids (other than sleeping) for those days.  As with anything we roll with the punches and are living with the changes.  Our laid back attitudes are defiantly a plus in dealing with such a hectic schedule and time/labor-intensive little ones.  I am starting to see why people call me crazy for having kids so close although I would have it any other way and are already in talks for #3.  My motto:  Bring on the craziness-kids, night school, activities, outings, crafts, messes…AKA LIFE!!  I’ll take it all.

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