September 2, 2011

Warning: Stinky But Cute

That’s how I feel most days.  Between the spit up and teething diapers (to put it nicely), and this cold they are fighting my kids can be pretty darn stinky most days…but they sure are cute.  Here are some of the latest snapshots I took of the little tykes.  Just be glad they haven’t invented scratch and sniff blogging yet.


To cry or not to cry…That is the question.



How you doin’???



Playdoh (“doh-doh” as he calls it)  This was after coloring with markers but before eating with ketchup.



Like i said…eating with Ketchup. He loves his “dippin”.


Big yawn and….


I’m soooo over it Mom.  Time for bed.

(As you can tell by his stains, dirt,’s been a long morning)



Smiley Baby


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