July 6, 2012


Today I turn 29.  I joke that is is my FIRST 29th birthday but I’ll fill you all in on a little secret of mine.  I actually have no problem with growing older.  Maybe it’s because I have many “mature” women in my life that I love, respect, look up to and want to be just like when I am 31 or 45 or 52 or 73 or 93.

Or maybe, like my approach to most other things, I just roll with it because its not worth stressing over.

(I’m kinda hippie like that)

When I was little 29 was this magical number.  It was so OLD.  I thought when I was 29 I would be a power suit wearing badass (think female Charlie Sheen in Wall Street), married to a dancing hunk (think cross between Kevin Bacon in Footloose and Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing), and I would change my name to something very chic like Victoria or Jennifer.  (Remember I was a child of the 80’s).

I am so glad my younger self was wrong.

My life is good.


I am married to a great guy, have two little people calling me Mama, done my fair share of world traveling, nurtured and maintained friendships with some GREAT women, and created my happy little space in the world.


So although I might celebrate the anniversary of my 29th birthday for the rest of my life to be funny, I am really running full speed toward these years to come.

Bring it on.

July 5, 2012

First Day- July

It’s vacation week here in Northern MN.  Our house is only 20 minutes (NORTH!!!) of my parent’s lake house.  Here is how we spent our First Day :)

103_1375  103_1377 103_1378

103_1380  103_1384




  103_1393 103_1394  103_1402


 103_1403 103_1405


 103_1416 103_1420 103_1422




  103_1429  103_1431


 103_1435 103_1436





 103_1454103_1456 103_1455 



103_1470 103_1474


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