October 27, 2010

Tanner’s New Tricks

Everyday Tanner does something new that baffles me. 

Here are some pictures of the news stuff Tanner can do.

He can drink from a cup.  (Or at least he is learning)  WIC now endorses drinking out of a normal child's cup rather than a sippy cup to promote healthy speech and brain development.  I still have sippy cups for on the go, but with every meal he gets his cup of water and LOVES it!!

   DSC_0088 DSC_0089 

He eats baby snacks like they are going out of style.  He wasn’t too keen on feeding himself until recently.  Now he eats them and loves them.  His favorite are Baby Mum Mums.

DSC_0157 DSC_0158  DSC_0159


He wakes up and plays in his crib.  He used to just lay there and wait for someone to come get him.  Now, he flips over and starts playing with his toys.  I often find him laughing and playing with his Tigger after he wakes up from nap time.



He is just becoming such a big boy and more and more independent.  It is so fun to watch him grow.

October 26, 2010

Fabulous 50!!

She's been celebrating all year folks but today, Candy turns the big 5-0!! Happy birthday Mom!!

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October 25, 2010


This weekend hit me…..HARD.  Not only did I attempt to keep up/entertain my nieces but I also got broad-sided by a very icky stomach bug.  I will spare you all of the entirely gross details but lets just say i am slowly recovering and Gatorade is my best friend.  Thankfully the sickness really didn’t kick in until Sat night, AFTER my sister had arrived.  She was able to take over as mom of the house and even did my dishes for me :)  (Everyone knows how much I HATE dishes so doing my dishes for me is nicer than buying me a Tiffany and Co necklace…OK maybe that is a BIT of an exaggeration, but I do HATE doing dishes) 

Sadie and the girls left yesterday and Paul took over as Mr. Mom and had a full day of taking care of Tanner while i slept and tried to recharge my super powers.  Today I am back among the living (barely).  Here are some pics of the fun filled weekend we had.  We played, went to Nelson Farm in Litchfield, and carved all of our SPOOKY pumpkins.  My cousin Lindsey came to visit and help with this which was good since the girls were afraid of touching the pumpkin goo.  It was a great weekend full of fall fun!!

October 21, 2010

Busy Morning

Jada and Saniya, my nieces, are staying with me for a few days since I have not really had much time to spend with them over the past couple months. They are so much fun have around and definitely help keep me busy.
Since 7:30 this morning: (Note-I am writing this @ 9:30)
got a 4 & 5 yr old up an dressed, got a 7 month old up and dressed, attempted to make waffles, failed, made pancakes, OJ and turkey bacon instead, fed girls and Tanner, dealt with argument over which movie to watch, started Scooby Doo for girls, put Tanner down for a nap, washed all my dishes, cleaned up waffle fiasco, swept and cleaned kitchen, swept and cleaned dining room..now time for me to eat and get dressed before we "start" our day....
a day in the life....
Better have some coffee :) I have a busy few days planned for us!

October 14, 2010

Oprah’s Book Club

As you may see to the left, I am currently reading an Oprah book club pick. I can’t wait to tune in and actually know what my girl Oprah is talking about this time. OK..so I have to admit that I am not the MOST loyal Oprah fan, although I do love her. My watching her mainly depends on if it fits into my schedule. I have always LOVED the book club idea. It is not very often where you actually get to see an author go into such depth about what their thought process and intention was while writing a book.

The book is called “Freedom” by Jonathan Franzen. It takes place in Minnesota and has (so far) really kept my attention. The writing is REALLY good. Being the literary snob I can sometimes be, I truly appreciate a good writer (even though “good” is completely a matter of subjectivity). I am also happy to announce that I am almost on pace to finish in time to be ready for the discussion with the author. I talk like I am somehow going to be part of this discussion when in actuality I will be watching it on my DVR and drinking a glass of wine while nodding in simple understanding rather than saying “wow, this book sounds good. I should read it,” like I normally do.

I am really getting into the Oprah book club idea (went to the Book club website and everything) and might have to participate in all the ones on Oprah’s final season. Who’s with me on this one????

October 13, 2010

Changing it up

Many who know me, know that I am not one to shy away from challenging endeavors in my life. I like to label these endeavors as “adventures.” I consider myself a very adventurous person and Paul, legally bound by marriage to me, has developed his own love of adventure. We actually make quite a great team and I feel that together we can do just about anything we wanted. (There was a legitimate conversation the other day about moving to a tropical destination after watching House Hunter’s international and see what houses go for in Belize) These are the kind of adventures we are talking about….OK..maybe a move to Central America is not in our immediate future but we may just need to change things up here soon.

I guess I’m not ready to talk about it yet, because honestly we don’t even know ourselves what may happen…BUT the idea of change is exciting. If you battle change and try to keep your life as static as possible, change can be terrifying. But if we embrace it and roll with the punches as we carve out our little space in the world, it can be the most exciting thing ever. It is consuming my mind and thoughts these past few days. Sorry there are not more specifics but I promise to share with my LOYAL blog followers (all 14 of them) as soon as I know myself. I guess the point of this blog post is to express my need to follow my heart and intuition knowing that if I am real, and generous with all I have to give (love, respect, time, kindness, empathy, etc), I can’t help but be happy right??

“There is nothing wrong with change if it is in the right direction” –Winston Churchill

PS. I am NOT pregnant for the 13,000th time. That may change in the near future too but is NOT the big change I am talking about :)

October 8, 2010

# 4,167,354th reason to LOVE Minnesota

The unpredictability of the weather really keeps you on your toes and causes you to keep clothes for all types of weather on hand…just in case. **4 and under can get away with the sans clothes option**

Last year on this day in Danube, MN it was 17 degrees and SNOWING!!!! Today it is 88 degrees and SUNNY!!! Feels like SPRINKLER WEATHER!!!!! Oscar and I had to cool off after our walk to the park. Tanner missed out on the fun because he was sawing logs in the stroller before we even got home.



Visitors and practicing for 2

Wednesday my mom came to visit us.  Well, I use the term “us” loosely because her main objective was to visit Tanner.  I realize that I am no longer the main event around here and have been replaced by a cuter and much cuddlier 6 month old.  That is totally alright with me :)  Along with my mom came a VERY welcomed surprise visitor…

My niece Saniya (Sah-Ni (N+eye)-ah) 

Her big sister Jada goes to school now so Saniya got some exclusive Nana time and was able to visit her favorite little cousin!  From what I hear, Jada was more than a little jealous but will have her own time down here with us soon.

While Mom and Saniya were down here we did lots of fun stuff including going to the park, playing outside, going to get pumpkins, and decorating my yard for Halloween.  The GORGEOUS Minnesota fall weather makes is so enjoyable to be outside!

Here are some pictures of Tanner getting pumpkins and swinging at the park(His first time in a real swing)

pumpkins Swinging

Tanner LOVES his Nana and cousin! 


Come back and visit soon!!!


Today, I am babysiting for Paul’s cousin. They have a 2 year old, Oscar.  (His birthday was just on Wednesday)  He is funny, full of life, and provides great entertainment for Tanner.  This morning we watched Barney, colored, played play doh, went for a walk, had a snack, watched Dora and went down for a nap.  (well, the boys did..hence my time to blog)

Here is Oscar making PlayDoh creations :)


***Side Note: the wound is from an earlier date and not on my watch so people CAN trust their children with me***

Tanner watched on with healthy enthusiasm plotting how he can be like Oscar in a few months.


It is a good experiment having a toddler AND and infant in my care….It sorta gives me a great idea to expand this “Quist Club” of ours :)

October 6, 2010

6 Month Stats

Tanner went to the doctor yesterday for his 6 month check up.  He got his shots (including a flu shot) and was feeling a little icky yesterday but is back to his normal self today.  He’s such a happy baby.  Here are his 6 month stats:

Height:  27 inches  75th%

Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz  80th%

Head Circumference: 45.5 cm 90th%

 DSC_2428 DSC_2429 DSC_2430 DSC_2432 DSC_2434 DSC_2435 DSC_2436 DSC_2437

Happy and Healthy…Just how I like it!!


Also, a side note:  With our busy summer and my travels, I had gotten away from using cloth diapers.  Tanner grew out of the first size and I never ordered the next size up.  However, I am HAPPY to report that we got our shipment of medium (15-30lbs) diapers and Tanner is digging the cozy cloth once again.  Anyone interested in going cloth- I HIGHLY recommend Green Mountain Diapers for your diapering needs.  We do organic prefolds, with hemp and cotton doublers and cute waterproof covers.  I feel so much better that we are actually using cloth again.  I was really seeing the effect of disposables…both in our garbage can each week as well as our packet book.  This size should last the rest of his diapering years!!

October 3, 2010

Adventures in Baby Food

Today I am attempting to make Tanner some homemade baby food.  I really don’t mind buying the premade fruits and veggies for him but the protein or “meal” food just really grosses me out.  PLUS,  I’ve read that to help develop a well rounded eater and get them acquired to the taste of your cooking, you should feed them the same meals you make for yourself- only pureed.  So…Here is today’s adventure in baby food.  I am going to turn this: 

(My Yummy home made Chicken Noodle Soup)


Into a yummy homemade chicken noodle soup puree for my favorite little boy :) DSC_2423

How did I do it????  EASY-

1- Take left over chicken noodle soup out of the fridge (or spaghetti, steamed veggies, etc)

2- Fill up your Magic Bullet 

(I guess a blender would work but the bullet is so easy to use and clean when working with small portions…PLUS they make a mean daiquiri for “Mommy time”)

3-Puree (when you think you’ve pureed enough do a little more for safe measure)

4-Spoon mixture into baby food containers you have saved and freeze

**Gerber has AWESOME plastic baby food containers**



Lightly spray a ice cube tray with Pam and spoon mixture and freeze then place frozen cubed food in freezer bag for storage.

5-Take out and thaw as needed for baby to enjoy:)

Bon Appetite Babies!!!


Can’t wait to make try and convert my other favorite fall dishes into Tanner-friendly food!!!

October 1, 2010

Home Sweet Harvest

I made it home! Tanner was an angel on the flight again and had the flight attendant wrapped around his chubby little finger. She couldn't get enough of him and OF COURSE he ate it right up-smiling, giggling and cooing at her. And I got 3 unsolicited comments about how he looks "just like his Mama." Paul picked us up from the airport and we went out to lunch. It was so nice being with my boys again! I had lots of fun in Florida and I know Bonny really appreciated my help but I did miss having my nice little family of 3 together.
As we drove from"the cities" (as I now call them) west toward home, there were combines busy in the fields and you feel the harvest buzz in the air. This is my favorite time of year. I hate that Paul has to work such long hours but I just love the energy that surrounds it. It is a rush against the weather and time to get the crops out. It is the crisp morning and evening air that require you to put on your favorite big comfy sweatshirt and slippers. It is the bright orange sun setting against miles and miles of slowing disappearing crops.
It's my Home Sweet Harvest time and I love it!