April 30, 2010

My Mom's a Fox

I feel like people could perceive this as being conceited by dressing a baby in this onsie but to my own credit I did shower and do my hair and make-up today! Plus he's just SOOOO darn cute he obviously has to have a good looking mom right???

Thanks for the sweet shirt Bonny!!!

April 29, 2010

Cloth Diapering

I know many people have asked me how cloth diapering has been going so I decided to devote a post to it and how I do it. I figured it might help answer questions and hopefully inspire other moms to try it. I can't emphasize enough the amount of $$ I will save by using cloth diapers. Disposables cost on average $0.15-$0.20 PER diaper. If you diaper for 2 1/2 years you are spending $1500-$2000 just on diapers. YIKES!!! Another factor is the amount of trash I will save on. Yeah, those dirty diapers leave every week from your garbage can, but where do they go??? Out of sight out of mind? Not really, they are in someone else's back yard. I am not a TOTAL eco-freak but do think that every little bit helps, like using my reusable grocery bags, refusing to buy bottled water, recycling, using fluorescent bulb in our lights and now cloth diapering. Just food for thought and reasons to consider going cloth.

Now onto the diapering process I use...I first started by doing LOTS of research. Looking at the different options for cloth diapering, the process involved and the cost of supplies. Two GREAT websites I found are:

I ordered all of my diapers from Green Mountain. These are the supplies I started with:

24 Prefold Clotheez diapers Size Small
prefold diapers

Snappi to fasten the pre-folds -NO PINS REQUIRED!!

prefoldsnappi.jpg (7524 bytes)

6 fitted Cloth fitted diapers (for at night or for on the go-they are just faster to put on and have an extra elastic edge to hold stuff in)
infant fitted diapers

6 diaper covers (in a variety of colors and patterns-there is some cute stuff out there)
thirsties diaper cover bummis diaper wrapbummis super brite green diaper cover

And I just ordered a diaper sprayer to hook up to my toilet- It has YET to arrive but I can't WAIT. I have been swishing the poopy diapers in the toilet. This makes getting those semi-solids out much easier.


I also bought a roll of flushable liners to put in the diapers when they start to get more solid waste. Then I can just take the liner out and flush it down the toilet with anything it has gathered.

You will also need a diaper pail. I just use an old diaper genie knock off that my cousin got me at a garage sale. i have it right next to my toilet so that I can put the diapers in there after cleaning them out. You can use any standard trash can with a lid as a diaper pale.

Total I spent $230.00 on EVERYTHING!!! I will most likely need to spend another $175 - $200 for the next size up but that will get me through the diapering years. For a grand total of $450-$500 tops! What a difference from the $2000 huh???

Now for the process-
1-remove dirty diaper and cover and set aside.
2-wipe bottom clean. (I still use disposable wipes but there are washable wipes too. I just have a little trash next to my changing table to throw the wipes in)
3-Put on new cloth diaper and fasten with the snappi
4-cover with water-proof diaper cover
(I then take Tanner into the bathroom with me while I finish the rest- he sits on his bouncy chair while I clean or put the diapers in the pail)
5-if it is a poopy diaper I swish it in the toilet and remove what I can. (I can't wait to use the sprayer instead) Wet ones just go right in the pail.
6-If the diaper cover is not soiled I will let it sit out to use for the next diaper change. If it has gotten wet or soiled I put it in the pail too.
7-Wash and dry my hands
8-Pick up Tanner and continue with our day!

WASHING diapers

I wash diapers and covers every other day. I haul the whole pail down stairs and dump them in the washer. I pre-rinse them once on cold. Then wash them on hot using All free and clear detergent and Oxy-Clean. I either hang them on the line to dry whenever possible or tumble dry them on high. I line dry ALL of the covers just because the velcro can attract lint and gunk them up a little. When they are all washed and dried I bring them up to Tanner's room and put them back on the changing table :)

It is really pretty easy and takes very little extra effort on my part. Plus Tanner's bottom has not been red at all like it had been getting with disposables. Here are some pictures of our diapering system!!

Cloth pre-fold diaper with snappi fastener

With diaper cover on

Diaper pail next to toilet

Tanner chilling while I clean his poopy diapers! This is also where he hangs out when I shower.

I hope this helps explain the process and gives parents inspiration to try it for themselves! It is really a great fit for our family and something I feel very good about! If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me @ heidi_lynnc@hotmail.com. I am happy to help anyone thinking about making the switch or using cloth for their little one on the way!!

***Side note: I did receive a bunch of disposables for gifts and they have not gone to waste. I still take them when lugging around cloth on an outing isn't feasible.

April 27, 2010

5 weeks

I have officially survived 36 days of being this guys mom!!

Still LOVING every minute!
And taking LOTS of pictures!!

And learning the tricks of cloth diapering...having the right supplies is clutch!! My big boy weighed10lbs 3 oz today at the doctor. He is gaining weight just fine so our next appointment isn't until his 2month check up. I'm so relieved!!

April 26, 2010

Re-entering society

After spending the first month with Tanner cozied up in my house (with the occasional walk or visit to the doctor) I have officially re-entered society. Who knew there was life beyond sitting here, holding and snuggling and being completely in LOVE with my little boy?!?! This weekend we had a couple firsts. Friday night Paul's mom came to Danube to watch Tanner so Paul and I could the Fireman's wives appreciation supper over at the fire hall. It was the first time I had ever left Tanner for more than the minute it takes me to walk over to the post office and back. Both he and I did just fine and I am SURE Grandma didn't mind snuggling with my little nugget for a couple hours.

On Saturday, Tanner and I made our first road trip to my mom and dad's place in Oak Grove. I posted on facebook that we were going to be in the area and Tanner had no shortage of people that wanted to meet him.

Here's Tanner and my Grandma Donna

Here's Grandma, Tanner, my cousins Alex and Antonio

I also took Tanner over to my parent's neighbor's 30th birthday party for a couple hours on Saturday evening. The rain held off and we got to hang out for a couple hours. Even with all of the commotion of karaoke, dirtbikes, and people peeking in his stroller to see him he still just snoozed away. He's such a good baby!! It was really nice to get out and do some socializing too!! I forgot that there is a whole big world out there...I have been so consumed lately but it's time to start re-entering society...little by little. I still love all the one on one I get with Tanner everyday.

April 20, 2010

One last try...

After 4 weeks of trying to breastfeed, Tanner losing weight, starting formula, gaining weight, relentless pumping, herbal supplements, drinking water galore, consulting my pediatrician, consulting my public health nurse, consulting a lactation consultant, and MANY tears (manly by mom and a few by Tanner) I have decided that today is my last good old college try at breast feeding my little guy. He still is just lazy when nursing but will gulp down a bottle in no time. I think that he thinks I am just an over-sized pacifier-he enjoys hanging out there but doesn't fill up.
I had to deal with feelings of guilt and inadequacy knowing that breastfeeding is best for baby however seemingly impossible for Tanner and me. Plus I REALLY wanted to exclusively breastfeed for at least the first 6 months. Lesson in motherhood 101..It doesn't really matter what YOU want, baby will definitely let you know what HE wants. I have been pumping and feeding him bottles of whatever I can pump (which isn't nearly enough to satisfy the little guy's hunger). So he is mainly on formula anyways and seemingly not having any problems with that. No extra gas, no weird diaper situations or all that other stuff you have to worry about. Plus he seems WAY more satisfied and overall happier. Just look at him...
This is the look of a content baby in my mind. So sadly, today will be my last day of pumping and attempting to nurse. They say some breast-milk is better than none so 4 weeks will have to do and I will just have to be OK with it. I just don't make enough milk for him...and pumping to get a few ounces here and there over the course of 24 hours is just too draining on me and a reminder that I can't give little Tanner what he needs. SO I am officially letting it go. All of it- The guilt, the sadness, the stress, the tears, and the views of what being a mother to a newborm "should" be. I am embracing what being a mother to Tanner IS- the reality of it-which is still wonderful and fulfilling beyond words and more than I could ever imagine.

Plus my pediatrician gave me very comforting words last week when we brought Tanner in for a checkup where he had FINALLY gained weight. After giving me an assignment to write down every time Tanner ate, for how long or how many ounces of formula, along with how much I pumped and when- he looked at the sheet of scribbles I had jotted down over a week and said- "Wow, it looks like you are spending all of your time feeding and/or pumping." To that I replied"yep" and broke down in tears over the frustration. He said that he supports me either way I decide to feed Tanner and said that if I did end up making the switch to formula it was NOT for lack of trying on my part.

Oh the joys of motherhood...bye bye pump and thoughts of what this new life of mine "should" be!

Since figuring out and conceding to the fact that breastfeeding just wasn't going to work, I decided on starting another adventure in motherhood and decided to tackle the cloth diaper!! I have been thinking about it and researching the methods and options for MONTHS now. It is done..diapers and supplies have been ordered from an awesome site www.greenmountaindiapers.com. Tanner will be an earth-friendly, money-saving, pooping machine. We figure over the diapering years of one child we can save about $1500-$2000. PLUS, what a great way to cut down on our footprint- I can't believe how fast our trash has been filling up with the the disposables we have been using so far. (all gifts BTW- so thank you to everyone who got us diapers!!)
As a stay at home, earth-loving, hippie-minded mama I think this might just be the perfect fit for our family. PLUS- The cloth diapers these days are soooo cute- nothing like the plastic pants from the days of yesteryear. I can't wait to get the supplies next week and start!!

April 17, 2010

He smiled at me

Today Tanner smiled at me. It wasn't the smile of a newborn that has just passed gas or unconsciously smiling at something unknown to us adults, but a smile of a growing baby boy. It was a smile meant just for me as I sang to him and played with his hands. Just when I thought I was going to start crying, he smiled again and I just about lost it. It was another smile meant especially for his silly mommy. I took a mental picture and tucked it the vault of my mommy mind. This little guy has me hooked. Just when I think I can't love him more, somehow I do. That love and two short smiles from my little guy are enough to keep me full for a LONG time! I know that being his mom today is EXACTLY where I am supposed to be.

April 15, 2010

Sporting his Sweater-Vest

Today was Grandpa Fredrick's funeral which meant that the Nyquist's had to get cleaned up. Daddy wore a tie (which is a RARE occasion), Mommy got to wear her new dress and Tanner sported his sweater-vest and khakis that Nana bought him.

Since figuring out his whole eating ordeal and getting him to put on some weight, he has been even MORE mellow. Just a eating, pooping, sleeping machine. He is getting way more alert during his awake times, starting to enjoy his tummy time and staring at the book of baby faces I have. I am feeling like I am getting the hang of things too. It's true what they say-The first 2 weeks are sort of tough but I feel like everyday is getting better and better. We're closing in on the end of the first month which is just CRAZY to me. It seems like I just had him :( I have a feeling I will be wanting another sooner rather than later!!

April 13, 2010

Leave my pants alone!!!!

Tanner hates having his diaper changed and this is the regular face we get when swapping a poopy diaper for nice dry clean one! I had to get a picture while Paul was changing him. He's cute even when he's mad!!
In other news...his umbilical cord FINALLY fell off yesterday!!

April 12, 2010

88 years...

Today @ as Tanner turns 3 weeks old I think how time has flown and how much more he has to see and learn. I can just imagine all the stuff that Paul's Grandpa, Fredrick Arthur Nyquist had seen in his 88 years. Sadly he passed away at his house on the farm this morning @ 6am. He had been sick for a while and seemed ready to go. He said his goodbyes to Paul on Thursday when Paul left the farm for the weekend and made sure to send his love to me and Tanner. He was very loved and will be missed. Paul will have to make sure to tell Tanner about his Great-Grandpa Fred and teach him all about the farm that Grandpa loved so much. It is a very sad day but at the same time there is a sense of relief that Grandpa is no longer in pain. He lived a very full life and had expressed his readiness to pass. The visitation is on Wednesday from 5 to 8 @ Dirks Blem Funeral Home in Olivia, MN. Funeral will be held @ 11 am on Thursday in Danube MN before Grandpa takes his final resting place next to his wife @ the Fort Snelling cemetery.

We love you Grandpa!!!

April 10, 2010


I realize that ALL of my posts have to do with Tanner and learning how to be a mom, but for right now that is all I really have to write about. I am absolutely consumed by taking care of Tanner and trying to keep my sanity at the same time. I am feeling physically just fine (i felt just fine the week I had him) but emotionally I feel a little crazy. It's not really in a bad way, just a different way. My body and mind are trying to grasp the idea of being a parent and what it means. I love this little man so much yet have no fricken clue what I am doing. I think the learning curve for being a parent is huge. Each day I figure out a new trick or something I can do for myself to give me just a little bit of me time.

This next section may be a little bit TMI about my breasts than anyone might want to know so beware!!

Yesterday was a rough day. Tanner had to go to the doctor because his weight gain was not where it was supposed to be at his 2 week appt. I tried so hard to feed him more frequently, drink GALLONS of water, and pump to build up my milk supply and was pretty disappointed when he had only gained an ounce in 4 days. It seems like one breast is getting more milk that the other and overall it's just not enough. The doctor said that he was getting enough to be satisfied, but NOT to grow as much as they would like to see. I was so bummed since I was so determined to exclusively breastfeed. My psyche is just a little postpartum fragile, so I think I took it a little harder than "normal" Heidi would have. We now have a feeding schedule which consists of feeding on both sides for 15 minutes for one feeding. Then the next feeding I feed only on one side then pump the other and give him a bottle to supplement his diet to make sure he is getting enough. I haven't been able to pump enough breast-milk for the supplemental feedings yet but I do get an ounce or two each time so I mix that with an ounce or two of formula. This cycle continues through out the day AND I have to write down when he eats, for how long, and how much. Just typing that made me realize part of the reason I may be feeling overwhelmed.... It sounds complicated but I am getting into the swing of things. And the bright side is that Paul does all the bottle feedings when he is home so is able to bond and have that time with Tanner too.

I am feeling MUCH better this morning after a MUCH needed shower. (the water went out in our whole town on Thurs due to a broken water line so the Nyquist clan was getting a little stinky. I happy to report the problem seems to be fixed and all 3 of us were able to bath/shower)

We'll get this figured out yet...It just may take us a while. Much like his birth, Tanner isn't the type of guy to make anything simple. I am just thankful he is so mellow.

Here are some pictures of the little guy...Enough to brighten ANYONE'S day!!

PS- I got pooped on last night...I caught it-literally a handful of baby poop but it made for easy clean up!

Here he is actually ENJOYING his swing!!

The beginning of either a baby mullet or rat-tail...Either way Paul is pumped!!

April 8, 2010

Baby steps...

This morning it was a little chilly out but the sun is shining so I decided to get Tanner bundled up and go for a walk. Let's just say he is NOT a fan of his car seat. I fed him, got him a little lethargic, then attempted to put him in his seat with out him noticing. It was fine for about 4 minutes while I lugged the stroller out of the van, and secured his seat on. Then BAM...MAAAHHHH, MAAAAH, MAAAAAAH. I knew he did not like his seat from our trip to Willmar the other day with my mom which ended up with me carrying him as we got some supplies at Super Walmart, but I thought I would give it another try. I wanted to at least walk over and get the mail, but that did not happen. We went a couple blocks, thinking that he might be gently lulled to sleep by the bumpy road. NOPE, he just got more mad...the little stinker. Thankfully, my mom is still here so she walked him back to the house while my cousin Brandyn, who is visiting, and I walked to the post office to get the mail. (After all, it is gossip magazine delivery day!) Of course we get back to the house and who is sitting on Nana's lap happy as a clam, but my little man Tanner...OF COURSE!!!

April 6, 2010

2 weeks old

Tanner had his 2 week check up yesterday. He seemed to check out just fine besides his weight. He was only up to 7lbs 11.8 oz which means he only gained 3 oz in the last week. He seems to be satisfied and had plenty of dirty and wet diapers so I not too concerned. I have been pumping to try and up my milk reserves and feeding Tanner every 2 hours to get things moving. We go back to the doctor on Friday and I hope the little guy has at least gained a couple more ounces.

April 2, 2010


It's official...I am obsessed. And who wouldn't be?? Just look at him!!