November 25, 2008


Since I apparently don't blog enough for Gayle. I am giving her a blog dedicated just to her!! hmmmwhat to write...Oh my favorite Gayle quote, "I don't want to get drunk, I just want to get FRIENDLY!" This was said while I was geting her to take test tube shot with me adn B-zo on her birthday. LOVE YOU GAYLE!! HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Happy Thanksgiving :) Gobble Gobble!!

So, Hunting is finally over. Paul didn't end up shooting anything. But there's always next year honey!! This week we both have short work weeks whch is awesome!! And I have made it through the initial period of employment at Community Development today so I am a full-fledged employee now!! Yippee.. That 90 days went fast!

For Thanksgiving, we are going to do the traditional Black Ass Wednesday with my family and make the traditional trip to the "Slum" (Rum River Inn, in St Francis). Then Thursday, we will make the trek out to Wilmar to visit with Paul's family and have some turkey and hopefully make it back to my parents in time for the card games and beer drinking to start :) Gotta love the long weekend! Other than that we have no plans besides enjoying our days off. We do have to do our thank-you's/Christmas cards this weekend so for all of you holding your breath...their coming!! That's about it for now! I hope every has a happy thanksgiving full of lots of Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, and Cranberries!! mmmm

Here's a little turkey I drew for your entertainment using my fabulous artistic ability...

Don't tell my boss I did this on company time...hehehe

November 14, 2008


So last night Paul and I went to the Wild hockey game with the tickets that I won at work. (It was my first Wild game ever!!) We got downtown St. Paul at about 5:45 and went to Great Water Brewing Co for dinner and drinks. It was really good and the host hooked us up with an awesome table by the window :) Our seats for the game were GREAT!! We were right behind the visiting teams penalty box. It was AWESOME!! I have never been so close to the action before. It was also kinda fun to give the opposing players in the penalty box some guff. One guy was a little scary though...He was is a fight and was not too happy. I was glad that there was a sheet of glass between us. Those hockey players are tough (and pretty big guys too)! We had beers and had a lot of fun with the people sitting next to us. It was a really great time. THe pictures are from my camera phone so the quality isn't the best but it shows how close we were! I can't wait for my next opportunity to go to another game!

November 12, 2008

Some more Halloween Pics!!

The new mini van got some good use that night!! Maybe Paul is onto something here with the minivan idea :)

Halloween and Hunting season

So for Halloween none of our friends really had any grand plans so I decided that the Nyquist's would host a little shindig at our place! It turned out awesome :) Everyone stopped by and had awesome costumes!! Sadie adn Mike took the prize with Beatlejuice adn Lydia though. I have a group pic of everyone above. We ended up going to Mayslacks (13 piled into our new mini van) and drinking and dancing. (Orange Whip was the name of the band...They were awesome!!) It was tons of fun!!

Last weekend was opening hunting. We went up to my parents place in Barnum MN. THey have 80 acres and plenty of deer running around up there. Paul didn't get anything but my cousing Brandyn shot his first buck and my dad got a doe. I went out and sat in the stand with my mom. It was relaxing. We didn't see anything but it was fun walking out in the woods and all that.

Paul is going out of town to hunt with his dad and grandpa up at there hunting shack in northern MN this weekend so I am having a girls weekend!! We are doing doing wedding stuff. Ash and Dan July '09 and Malinda and Jeff Sept '09!!! FUN STUFF!!