Our Story

    We have a pretty typical love story.  Paul and I met through friends in college.  We were both acting as "wingmen" to friends who wanted to get together.  You know how these love things work.  Those friends couldn't quite make a love connection happen but their two quirky friends hit it off splendidly.

We spent our newlywed year in Minneapolis then transplanted to Southwestern Minnesota, land of the sugar beet and cornfields.  We had our first child, Tanner (Tanna), and became pregnant with our spitfire Emmy Lu.

The farm life wasn't suiting us so we picked up and headed North, landing in rural Northern Minnesota, land of pine trees and black bears.  We had Emmy Lu, bought a new house, sold our house in farm country and added our last and spunkiest addition, Harriet.  (Or as I sometimes refer to her, Harry)

We are currently working on carving out our own slice of heaven.  We have 45 chickens (which amazingly the kids have named and can keep straight).  We also have a little dog named Juno.

We spend most of our time at home learning and playing.  We have decided to homeschool our children as long as it works for us.  Tanna is currently doing Kindergarten work while Emmy and Harriet spend their days learning through play and some guided educational activities.

Paul works hard everyday as a pipefitter in Superior Wisconsin. It's long hours but he is so dedicated to working hard for our family and building our life.  It is turning out to be quite the life too.  We are avid out-of-the box thinkers, and rule breakers (in a good way).  I probably swear too much and I know Paul spends too much time obsessing over his chickens but those are just some of the quirks that I really like about us.  We are best friends and kick-ass teammates for this game of life.

One of my biggest passions is my parenting.  I am surely not even close to perfect but I try to always be mindful of the decisions we how to hopefully raise some pretty kick ass humans.  

Something unique about our family is that Tanna was born male but identifies and lives as female.  I did a whole blog post about gender creativity when she was 3. (look for an updated post on identifying female soon)  We allow all sorts of gender expression in our house and our other 2 girls, along with Tanna are encouraged to follow their hearts in regards to self-expression as well as their, interest and passions.  

The kids currently consume most of our time, as you can imagine a 5, 4 and 2 year old would, but we wouldn't have it any other way.  (Unless that way involved peeing in privacy and more wine. Then I might reconsider.)  We like our little life in the Northwoods, although the urge to roam is coming on strong again lately.  We will see where that takes us.  We are dedicated to adventure, learning, exploring and most of all loving fiercely.

Life in Nyquist land is messy, wonderful, noisy, funny, rewarding, wild and sometimes disappointing but it sure is one hell of a ride so far.  

Thanks for joining us for it!!

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