January 11, 2015

Parenting 101

Ok, so maybe I passed the parenting 101 course but even after nearly 5 years of being a parent, I am constantly striving to be better, do better, love more and be present. It's a never ending course in self-betterment and unconditional love.

I continually get questions from friends and family on where I get my patience. I always tell them the same thing. I dig deep, some days deeper than others, and even then, I can still lose my marbles. 

If I'm being completely honest, I DO have some super secret parenting I'm about to let you in on. Ok, maybe not so SUPER secret but these are the things that help me get through my busy days with 3 willful, creative, lovely, exhausting children.

1- Support. A lot of support. I am lucky to have a kick ass husband, a mom and sister who live next door and the best friends in the entire world. It's nice to have a wide safety net and sounding board for when I need it. Totally necessary for successful parenting.

2- Meditation- no joke.  I squeak out 10-20 minutes each morning for deep breathing and relaxation. It's an easy way to get centered, refocus and re-energize. Seriously, try it!!

3- Expert advice- Unfortunately parenting does NOT come with a manual. However, fortunately for us modern parents, there are moms and dads who have walked this road before us and willingly share their stories, advice, tips and tricks. Even if I don't prescribe 100% to one specific "method" of parenting, I enjoy learning what works (and what doesn't) for others.  One of my favorite "can't live without" experts are Todd and Cathy Adams of Zen Parenting Radio. They seriously rock. Their message is positive but not prescriptive. They tackle parenting issues and offer gentle parenting solutions. I really can't say enough good things about them. They have seriously changed the way I parent. **Check them out:


Last but not least is my favorite super "secret" parenting tip-

4-Coffee, water and wine. 

Coffee to give me a jump start, water all day to keep me healthy and a relaxing glass of wine once or twice of week to unwind. 

Heck, if you are an overachiever you could do all my tips at once: Have a glass of wine with a friend, while meditating, and listening to Zen Parenting.

Bam, next stop Super Momdom. 

Ok, maybe that's a bit aggressive. These tips are not magic but I guarantee you'll feel at least a little better.

So tell me, what gives YOU parenting super powers?

** I am in no way affiliated with Zen Parenting Radio. I am simply a fan. 


January 5, 2015

First Day-January 2015

I had a fabulous first day. Spending the ENTIRE day with my best friend who was visiting from Florida. We rang in the new year together and everything. It was awesome!