May 26, 2010

2 month stats

I know I keep saying this but I seriously can't believe that Tanner is 2 months old already. I am just in awe every day by the new things he is doing and how is changing right before my eyes. We had his 2 month check up at the doctor yesterday which meant poor little guy got his shots too. Not going to lie, I teared up when then stuck him and he let out a scream along with TEARS. I have only seen him produce tears on very rare crying occasions. He was fine though and with a little Tylenol and some wincing last night, he seems to be back to his smiley self this morning. So here's his 2 month stats:

Length: 22 1/2 inches 46 percentile
Weight: 12lbs 9 oz 75 percentile
Head: 41 cm 75 percentile

Overall Tanner is a very healthy and happy little boy and I feel very grateful for that!!

May 25, 2010

Mommy's Night Out

On Saturday, Paul and I had our first night out and overnight away from Tanner. My mom watched him Saturday during the day til Sunday morning when we picked him up. We went to a Twins game @ Target Field with a big group of friends. There were 25 of us who had seats together (Only part of us made the pic..which BTW I LOVE). What a view huh? I had so much fun. We first went and had a BBQ on our friends rooftop patio which was only 4 blocks from the field. We walked to the game, had a blast, Twins won in extra innings, then we celebrated in Downtown Minneapolis. By midnight I was beat (not to mention I had more cocktails then I have had in about a year) and ready to walk back to the hotel Paul and I were staying at. Of course we had to stop for a slice of pizza on the way home. It reminded me so much of my college days. The line out the door of drunk people waiting for $5 a slice pizza. So funny. It was nice to sleep the whole night through and I slept in until 8:30!! It was definitely a great time but it made me realize we are a little to old to pump it up like we used to. Good thing these nights are now few and far between for me. I don't think I am fully recovered yet.
I thought it would be harder than it actually was to leave Tanner. Maybe I felt so comfortable because he was with my mom. Who is better to watch your own child than the woman who raised you, right? I do not feel like a bad Mom for not breaking down in tears or calling every half hour to check on him. I actually really enjoyed my time out. I was missing him by the time we were head home, of course, and had no shortage of telling people how darn cute and fabulous Tanner is. And thanks to our wonderfully funny and awesome friends Tanner has two new nicknames: T-Fred and Sir Fredrick. (Thanks James and Gary!!)
Our next Twins game is in July with my family. Tanner will get to enjoy that one with us and see Daddy's favorite team in action then!

May 20, 2010

Baby in a Basket

New Camera Lens and Flash

I received my new lens and flash for my camera and am now even MORE in love with it. My new photography supplies include a 55-200mm lens a Nikon SB-400 flash and a flash diffuser. I still have so very much to learn but can't wait to learn how to use my camera to take some awesome pictures. I have a great test subject (Tanner) and am going to experiment with my camera and new lens before I attempt to take his 3 month pictures. I already have some great ideas on where to shoot so hopefully I can learn enough to get some really great photos. I can't wait!!
I was just playing around with my flash today and took the picture above. I turn the flash bulb facing up so it still lights up the subject but doesn't wash it out or make Tanner blink his eyes. I LOVE the bright colors it picks up. Tanner loves his tummy time and is getting very accustomed to having his "mamarazzi" constantly taking pictures. (Thanks Amanda for the term..I now know how to label my obsessive picture taking)

May 17, 2010

Springtime Weekend Stuff

First things first....LOOK how beautiful my lilacs are :) They smell even better. I picked two GIANT bouquets and have one in my entry and another on my dining room table.

Now on to the "Quist Club's" fun filled weekend. After 2+ weeks of junky weather, we were so excited to finally plant our vegetable garden. Just LOOK how excited Tanner is...He can barely contain himself.
OK, so maybe he wasn't too excited but he was a good little boy and napped the whole time that Paul and I worked away.

Here's Farmer Paul using our neighbor's seeder. Talk about EASY!!! We are so lucky to have nice neighbors who let us borrow their gadgets. In our garden we have quite the variety of produce which includes: garlic, chives, cilantro, dill, basil, parsley, tomatoes, green peppers, jalapenos, green beans, lettuce, peas, carrots, radishes, onions, and beets. I can't wait for it all to be ready for me to use in my kitchen!!

Sunday, Paul, Tanner and I had a day out and about. But before you go anywhere you HAVE to get ready. Tanner takes this VERY seriously. He can't leave home without a good looking outfit and some styling shades!!

Tanner's ready for a little disc golf in Hutchinson :) He can't throw yet but Paul likes to set a baby sized disc next to him and take pictures.

I only threw a few times before picking up my little guy and carrying him along to watch daddy.

Here's Paul in action and doing one of his MOST favorite activities. He was a happy camper!!

Before heading to Paul's parent's house in Litchfield, Tanner need to stop for a little snack on the swings with Daddy. I LOVE my guys!!!

We had such a fun weekend full of fun activities. Tanner must have been wiped out from all of the activity because he slept a full 8 hours last night!! I can't believe that my little man is already 8 weeks old. He's getting sooooo big.

May 16, 2010

Tanner's First "Playdate"

On Friday, Tanner had some friends over for the first time. Well, it was maybe more for us Moms to get together and chat than it was for the babies. I mean just look how excited they are to "play"

Here's Easton and Tanner.

Easton born March 28th

Tanner born March 22nd

Evangelin born April 2nd
Can't wait unitl they are actually big enough to play rather than just sleep for most of the time they are together!!

May 13, 2010

What's for dinner?? Chicken Bacon Artichoke Pizza

Papa Murphy's makes a stellar Chicken Bacon and Artichoke Pizza that I LOVE!! I figured I would try and make something just as delicious at home tonight. No recipe, just me making something I thought would be DELICIOUS!! Let me tell you it was GOOD!


2 Tbls Olive Oil

2 cloves fresh garlic (optional)

2 cooked and diced boneless skinless chicken breasts

5 slices VERY crispy bacon or some Real Bacon Bits

1/2 can Artichoke hearts chopped

1/2 c Alfredo sauce (I just bought the cheapest jar in the pasta aisle)

1 refrigerated can of pizza crust
1 1/2 C shredded cheese ( I used the Italian blend)
Sprinkle of Grated Parmesean (optional)
How to whip it up:
Spread out dough over your pan (If you have any stonewear, I reccomend using it)
Brush with olive oil and finely chopped garlic (I used my Pampered Chef garlic press)
Cook crust @ 400 until it is barely turning light brown
Remove Crust
Top with Alfredo sauce, Chicken, bacon, and chopped artichokes and topp with shredded cheese and a sprinkle of grated parmesean over teh entire pizza.
Bake at 400-425 until outer crust is crispy and cheese is melted. (I like my pizza a little crispy so I bake it until the cheese start to get a little crusty)

Paul really like this one and I will definately be making it again soon! mmmm....mmm...mmm

May 12, 2010

What's for Dinner??? Mexican Chicken "Lasagna"

This is a pampered chef recipe that I have adapted a little to make a fabulous and easy Mexican dish. It's DELICIOUS!! As many of you may know I don't really cook with measurements but I will write them down to help those of you who cook with a little more structure :)


1/4 cup fresh chopped cilantro (I use a little more because I love it)

1- 8oz pkg cream cheese

1/2 c. sour cream

2 cups shredded Monterey Jack cheese (This is equal to 1 small bag- I use the Mexican cheese blend that they sell)

1 medium onion
1 can enchilada sauce (28 oz) You can make a small 15 oz can work but the bigger works better.

12- 6inch Corn tortillas ( I suppose you could use flour if you don't like corn but the corn ones taste so good in this dish)

3 cups diced or shredded cooked chicken (about 2 large boneless skinless breasts or 3 small ones)

Here's the Prep work-

-Place the cream cheese in a mixing bowl and microwave for 30-40 seconds to soften it up.
-Add cilantro, sour cream, 1 1/2 cups of the shredded cheese and mix
-Chop onion and place aside
-spread 2/3 C of the enchilada sauce over the bottom of the pan. (I use my pampered chef pan but I think these portions would fit just fine in a 9x9 pan)
-pour the rest of the Enchilada sauce into a small mixing bowl and set aside

To assemble the lasagna:

-Dip 4 tortillas in the enchilada sauce that you placed in the mixing bowl and arrange over the bottom of the pan overlapping as necessary.
-Spread 1/2 of the cream cheese mixture over the tortillas
-Sprinkle with 1/3 of the onions and 1/3 of the chicken
-Repeat layers one time (dip tortillas, spread cheese, sprinkle 1/3 chick and 1/3 onions)
-Dip 4 remaining tortillas in enchilada sauce and arrange over second layer.
-Top with remaining chicken and onions
-Pour remaining enchilada sauce over lasagna
-sprinkle with the remaining 1/2 c of shredded cheese.

Bake on 375 for 45-1hr minutes or until center is hot. Let stand 10 minutes before cutting and serving. Sprinkle with extra chopped cilantro for garnish if you want! Enjoy!!

Like traditional lasagna, this can be prepared up to one night in advance. Just refrigerate and take out to cook when you are ready!

Makes 8 servings

May 10, 2010

It's true what they say

It's true when they say they grow so fast. I can't believe how Tanner is changing before my very eyes. The logical side of me knows that babies grow and change daily but the emotional side wants to hang on to that little 8 lb newborn nugget. Just 7 short weeks after making his world debut, my big baby boy is outgrowing a good number of his 0-3 month clothes already and it is affecting me more than I would have thought. I keep thinking that crawling, and walking, and talking aren't too far off. OH NO!! I better not get ahead of myself, I'll cause myself to have an emotional break down. Here's my big boy enjoying his bath yesterday. He's such a good little guy.

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

First of all I would like to start out by saying that I don't believe holidays like Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day should be the only time you show your love and appreciation for the important people in your life. Rather it should be a quest to be thoughtful, considerate, loving, kind and appreciative in the events that rule our everyday. After all, it is the little things that truly make all the difference. That being said, I still don't think it is bad to show a little extra appreciation for your mom, and the moms you know, on this designated day of recognition.

So here's a shout out to the moms that I hold near and dear to my heart and who have taught me such valuable lessons about motherhood over the years. I hope to take these bits and pieces and use them as I grow on the journey of motherhood that I have recently embarked on.

First to my mom, Candy- Without you I wouldn't be me. I love you more than I could ever say in a card, a hug, a gesture or put into digital words on this blog. You are so strong, beautiful, funny, fearless, considerate, giving, and have truly shown me the meaning of unconditional love. I love that you are real and even though you posses all of those trait I just mentioned, you are still not afraid of being vulnerable and showing your true feelings and thoughts with me. I feel very lucky to not only be your daughter but to be one of your best friends and confidants. I love that you let me be me and appreciate me, your daughter, for what I am. You have shown me how to be the wife and mother that I can only hope to be to Paul and Tanner. I love you. You are AMAZING. period.

To Sadie, my sister- I love you and want you to know that you are an amazing mother. I have learned so much from watching you as a mom over the past 5 years. Your ability to love never ceases to amaze me. And when I think you couldn't love or give anything more of yourself, you do. It is a wonder to watch and feel the kind and true love that you offer to the people around you, especially your girls. Jada, Saniya, Makayla, and Savannah may not be old enough to realize the great gift you are giving them right now, but you are definitely laying the groundwork to help mold beautiful, kind, and emotionally in-tuned souls like yourself. They are lucky to have a mom and step-mom like you. I am lucky I get to watch in amazement as you give to your family and create such a rich life for them.

To my Grandma, Donna- Your optimism and ability to make everyone feel so incredibly special is like no one else I have ever met. You listen, I mean really listen, when people talk and doing this makes them feel special. Thank you for raising my mom to be such a wonderful woman who was then able to pass it on. Thank you for taking the time to listen and talk with each of your grandkids. Thank you for making me dip eggs when I was younger just because I asked. Thank you for always having an open door so we always feel welcome. Thank you even more for your open heart and open mind. I love you!

To Bonny, my best friend- I love you, think you are an amazing mother and overall kick-ass lady. You're funny and one of the most caring people I know. Thank you for showing me that a person really can "do it all". I don't know how you manage to have the energy for Tommy, growing this new baby, being a wife to Ryan, working a stressful job and keeping up with your laundry- all the while being 1,500 miles from home. But you do this all almost effortlessly and still have time to talk to me and give me all the little tips and advice on being a new mom. I love you for this! I love that we can talk about everything from growing bellies to ways of finding some "me" time. You are funny, smart, and beautiful. Tommy and Baby #2 are so lucky to have you as a mom.

To Kristi, my aunt- Thanks for showing me that being a mother gives you license to worry...about everything. I used to not understand but now I do. I get it. You love your kids so much and would do anything for them to be safe and feel loved. You do this flawlessly. Brandyn, Lindsey and Ashley are so lucky to have a mom that not only has their best interests in mind but works so hard to provide and give them the love and support they need. Each one requires a different form of love and enrichment from you and you seem to switch hats and intuitively know what to do for each of their distinct personalities. This is a quality of a great mother. Happy mother's day! I love you!

To Cassie, my aunt- Thanks for showing me the humor in motherhood, both in the obvious and not so obvious circumstances that life creates for us. Your ability to laugh at and with yourself and your kids is amazing. It shows in your kids too. Cece, Gabby, Alex, and Antonio are so funny and great to be around. This is due to the fact that you show the importance that laughing and smiling have in your everyday life. Even when life doesn't quite work out how you wanted or planned, I love your ability to look back on it, take what lessons you can from it, and see the humor/irony in all of it. It is an admirable quality and help makes you the great mother that you are. I am so glad I get to watch and learn from you and your kids. Happy Mother's Day! I love you!

To Nola, my "aunt" and friend- Thanks for showing me the importance and effectiveness of offering a gentle, unyielding love. Michael and Megan are very lucky to have you. And although young adults have a hard time expressing their love and appreciation, I have no doubt in my mind that they value these same qualities and much, much more. Your ability to offer kind words and a smile have a ripple effect and spread through the people you love and care about. This gentle approach and unconditional love you offer truly gives inspiration to this new mom! Happy Mother's Day! I love you!

To all the other moms and mom-to-be's in my life. I am not forgetting you just because I did not post something specific. You are all in my heart and thoughts more often than you know. Happy Mother's Day!! Being a great mom involves so many things but most of all it requires an unconditional, never-ending love that only exists between a mother and her children. I am so glad to be part of this motherhood "sorority" so I can fully understand this. Today I just want to give thanks to the great moms out there who have paved the road for us new moms.

Much Love-


May 6, 2010

Happy Mustache May

Every year Paul and his buddies can't wait for May because of "Cinco de Mustache" and the kick off of Mustache May!! They all grow their best Tom Sellek wannabe facial hair accessories and think it's so cool. Of course Tanner isn't old enough to grow one of his own but couldn't miss out on being part of the "in" crowd for Mustache May. Here his is with Daddy, representing the Danube sector of Mustache May participants.

May 3, 2010

Cuddle Bug

Tanner is 6 weeks old today and is starting to develop quite the routine for himself. Since he is still little we feed him on demand and it averages about every 3 hours during the day-evening. Then he falls asleep between 9 and 10pm and goes till about 3-3:30am. He eats then fall back asleep. He is ready for more at about 6-6:30am so we feed him but Paul and I usually aren't quite ready to get up for the day so we'll bring him to bed to cuddle up, which Tanner LOVES (I don't think Paul minds either). This morning I hopped in the shower since he seemed perfectly content. I came into our room and saw this and my heart melted. My two favorite guys cuddled up. It's the moments like this that make me feel like the paths I have chosen in my life have led me to exactly where I am supposed to be.

May 2, 2010

Ahead of the game

For the first time in a LOOOONG time I had some much appreciated time to myself. (Paul and Tanner enjoyed a little Daddy-Son time on Saturday afternoon) I was going to go garage-saling but ended up at a scrap-booking store in Redwood Falls I had heard about. It sucked me in!!! I ended up buying a book and all the supplies to start a scrapbook for Tanner. WHAT?!?!?! you might say, but he's only 6 weeks old. Yes people, it is usually my M.O. to procrastinate and I had envisioned myself trying to scrapbook Tanner's whole life the week before his high school graduation. NOT THIS TIME!! I am sooo ahead of the game! I did forget how addicting it was though...every spare second I have had this weekend (between feedings, laundry, cleaning, cooking supper, and helping my husband repair a giant whole in our wall-we replaced our patio door) has been spent on the book. I have gotten surprisingly far and am almost to our Easter pictures. We shall see how long I can keep this up...I see many trips back to that scrapbooking store in my future. They had such cool stuff that has made starting this project so easy!

I cleaned the rest of my house today but left this so I could work on it :) Like I said, I am addicted.