March 27, 2012

More Birthday Party Pics



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Messy Art Party

This past weekend I threw a Messy Art Birthday Party for my son, Tanner, who turned 2 and my niece, Jada, who turned 7.  It was a great theme for the variety of ages and I think over all a great success!!  Here’s what I did-

I transformed our garage into an art studio with different stations for the kids (and adults) to do some messy art projects.  Most of the decorations were from the dollar store.  I love that place!!  The ceiling decorations were balloons and plastic tablecloths that my mom happened to have a big roll of.



Finger Painting Wall

This was a big hit.  I ordered a roll of art paper from and hung it up along one entire wall of our garage.  It was kid height and they could create as they pleased.


Birthday Boy


Birthday Girl



Of course a big bucket of warm soapy water was available to wash their little paws when they were done.


Marble Painting

This was a pinterest idea.  You put a couple globs of paint onto a piece of paper in a aluminum pan.  Roll the marbles around and BAM you have yourself some funky art!






Sand and Noodle Art

I made dyed pasta from a recipe found here.  My sister had some colored sand in her art cupboard.  Put those together with some good old Elmer’s glue and you have yourself some art work.







Slime Station

Using yet another recipe found on pinterest that I posted on here earlier this month.



Creative Coloring and Painting

Crayons, Paints, Paper and Imagination






Art Display Wall

Using clothes line and clothes pins, I made an art display/drying wall.  What it was a great way to display our art.  What a beautiful display right?  There’s nothing better that homemade art projects proudly displayed!!



Egg Splat Painting

The weeks leading up to the party, I carefully cracked eggs (only removing a small hole on top).  Then I rinsed them out and filled them with paint.  I put a piece of duct tape over the hole to make little paintballs.  I did a test run of throwing the egg down and found that I got a more dramatic SPLAT when I stomped on it so that is what I had the kids do and the day of the party.  This was a really fun activity.  I only wish I would have eaten more eggs in the beginning of march so that I would have had more paint-filled eggs.










Like I said, the party was a HUGE success!!  All the kids and adults had a great time (minus a stomach bug that got 1/3 of the party guests out of commission early this week).   We had great weather and lots of fun! 

I will post another photo bomb later of all our guests and doings of the day!