February 28, 2010

Maternity Photo Shoot

My wonderful sister helped me capture some really cool maternity photos this weekend while Paul was away. Some show a little more skin and for my private records (I'm not a huge fan of showing off my pale belly full of stretch mark) but we took some really cute ones out in the snow today that turned out really great. It was a beautiful day here in MN and the sun was shining. I really have such spring fever!!! If I haven't said so in a while...I REALLY LOVE my new camera!!! I'll post some more after my sister does some photo shopping. If she is REALLY a magician, I might even post some of the bare belly pics!!!

I laughing here because my butt is getting SOAKED from sitting in the snow at this point.

February 26, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend Paul and I are both pretty busy. We are doing our own things and squeezing in some fun, adult activity before our little guy/gal arrives. Yesterday Paul had an appointment with his endocrinologist (diabetes Dr.). This is the first appointment I have actually gone with to. His Dr is really great and offers a lot of support and ideas for managing his Type 1 diabetes. It was just a routine appointment and his A1C score is up just slightly but like I said, Dr Ngo offered him some suggestions on some minor things to change that can help get his score back down. Overall, he is doing VERY wella managing and living with his "Live-abetes" as he calls it!

Last night Paul and 3 good buddies took off to St Louis (and surrounding area) to do some major disc golfing and guy bonding. They drove down last night overnight and are coming back on Sunday. It was comical to listen to Paul talk about and plan all the disc golf courses they could visit...He put A LOT of time into it. I know he will have LOTS of fun and get some much needed guy time. He also works so hard and deserves some "Paul" time. He texted and said they were having breakfast @ a Waffle House this morning which makes this mama-to-be VERY jealous. We don't have those up here in North country so I'll just have to wait till my visit to Jacksonville to get this craving met!!

While Paul is on his boys weekend I decided to head to Minneapolis and spend some time with my sister and girlfriends (and do some pampering). I have some GREAT girly plans...including a pedicure and dinner with friends/ex-coworkers, a show at a dinner theater, and a maternity photo shoot. THe show I am seeing is Footloose @ Chanhassen dinner theater. (For anyone that knows me, Footloose and Dirty Dancing are my TOP favorite movies. I've seen them each more times than I can count and can't WAIT to see the theatrical production) My sister shares this love of Footloose with me so I bought her a ticket as a wedding present. I'm VERY excited for all I have planned....So enough blogging. I better get moving!!!

February 24, 2010

35 weeks and counting....

I forgot to add in my blog today that I also had a doctor's appointment this morning. I am officially 35 wks 1day along today. I have also began the once a week Dr appointments which can only mean one thing...This baby's birthday is creeping closer and closer :) I should start taking bets on date of arrival, the weight, height, and sex. My guess is April 2nd (even though I really wish I would go sooner, I don't think I will), 8lbs 4 oz, 20inches, and girl. There- I put it out there in the universe...we shall see what happens. I always joke about being slightly psychic- now just wait I will have the a small baby boy 2 weeks before my due date....Wouldn't that just be how life works??
Paul and I also toured Rice Memorial Hospital in Willmar today. This is where I will be giving birth our little guy/gal. I had never been there before and wanted to see where to park, the rooms, see the facilities, etc. It is a pretty nice place. They remodeled the labor and delivery rooms/floor about 3-4 yrs ago and everything seems nice. They have private birthing suites that you stay in for delivery and your stay. They also have really nice jacuzzi tubs in most of the rooms. I just hope it isn't a birthing boom in Willmar and surrounding areas when I go into labor so I get one of the nice rooms :) I wouldn't mind doing some laboring in the tub. Today when we visited it was REALLY quiet. Only one mom was there who delivered yesterday and there were no other women in labor. The nurse seemed almost excited to show us around so she had something to do.
I am feeling very prepared and ready to have this baby. I even have my hospital bag mostly packed... it is very odd that a procrastinator like myself could be so thoroughly prepared ahead of time. In the mean time- Mama and Baby Nyquist are happy and healthy @ 35 weeks and watching the days tick-tock on by until it's time for baby's birthday!!!

Bathtub pics

I FINALLY got to be the first one to take a shower in our brand new- CLEAN- tub this morning. Which is pretty great. I maybe shouldn't admit this to the public but have not had an actual shower since FRIDAY!! I have been washing my hair in the sink and washing with a soapy washcloth...Sorry if that is TMI but it does help explain the amount of joy i have from finally having a tub that I can bath in and not be grossed out. Just look at the pictures and you will see what I mean. The tub was SOOOOO stained and nasty before I honestly cannot believe we did not find the time to fix it sooner. (it is almost a little embarrassing) Like i said before I tried EVERYTHING short of a power sander to remove the stains and ickyness of the tub but to no avail. Maybe part of me was just content that this house, we bought for basically the price of an SUV, had plumbing :) I'm no fancy pants, but the rest of my house got remodeled last spring before moving in and the bathroom was still such an eye-sore. I just wanted a nice, re-finished bathroom that I knew was clean before the baby made it's arrival. Which thanks to my WONDERFUL farmer/electrician/plumber/handy-man of a husband- We now have!! To all you future home-owners out there, let me just tell you that if you are handy at all there is really SOOOO much you can do to a house and to not be fooled or turned away from a property because of cosmetic/refinishing work that needs to be done. We have had our place for a year now and can't BELIEVE everything we have done to it to make it our home and just how we want it. (there is still plenty to do, but there have been so many great changes/improvements made already)

(like i said-a little embarrassing that we used this tub since moving in May...I feel like this is something you would see in a house full of college aged guys)

(Paul is just mudding up some rough patches)


Look how CLEAN everything is!!!! I might even have to take a bubble bath soon!!!

February 20, 2010

It always takes longer than you think.....

So we completed phase 1 of our bathroom remodeling project about a month ago. but as you can see in the pictures, the shower curtain is strategically closed and there are no pictures of our tub. Why you ask.... because our tub was DISGUSTING and yet to be re-finished. The previous owners had painted the tub surround with what seemed like normal semi-gloss wall paint (NOT GOOD FOR SHOWERS) The tub and surround were so stained that even after MANY hours and EVERY possible cleaning product I could think of or was recommended to me, it still looked dirty. The new tub surround and tub re-finishing kit have been sitting nicely in our entry way for the last month patiently waiting to be of use. So let the tub demolition begin.... We (Paul..I'm mainly the clean up lady) ripped out the nasty tub surround yesterday and cut out any of the wall behind it that was icky, wet, etc. Well today we dove a little deeper into the project and realized that the whole shower has to be re-plumbed.... It always takes longer than you think. Paul is at the hardware store now picking up supplies....With any Luck we will have a fully functioning shower by Mon....Wish us luck!!!
I'm so glad I married a handy-man...He may not know how to do EVERY home project right away but is darn good at figuring it out :) (Even if he gets crabby along the way)

Pics will be posted upon completion....

February 18, 2010

Baby Wipes Box

Ok, I broke down and finally did a (small) project today. It was either that or clean my house...So I chose the OBVIOUS!! With a break around lunch to watch some exciting men's curling competition on USA network. This was also an idea from my Crafty Mama book. I had to make a few minor adjustments because of the style of wipes container I bought but I think it still turned out VERY cute!! Now it can sit out on the changing table and actually look like decoration!!

Baby wipes container
hot glue gun
20x20 piece of material
ribbon/rick rack
any other extras you may want to glue on

Crafting ADHD

I have a case of crafting ADHD this week (self-diagnosed of course). I so far have started/bought supplies for multiple crafts and sewing projects but have yet to finish one. Entirely my fault though, I did waste all day yesterday up in Willmar again with my husband and father-in-law. I mainly wanted to go to get some storage containers that I had forgotten to pick up the day before. (I think the nesting phase has kicked in and I feel the need to re-organize the baby stuff) We also made a trip to the Goodwill store to look for any junk I can turn to treasure...which just ended up adding to my crafting ADHD. I found a junkie old big frame with a LOVELY print in it for $1.99 which I am going to turn into a repainted masterpiece of half cork/ half chalk board for either my entry way or kitchen. Among the other projects I have started/bought supplies for this week.... Sewing 2 baby jumpsuits and a bunting, more cute covered storage boxes, more cute 1.99 pic frames for a collage on the nursery wall, making a cute baby wipe box cover, AND yes I am STILL working on crocheting that baby sweater I started in November. That being said I have no pictures to post today since I really haven't completed anything picture worthy... I guess Paul did the dishes this morning which is sort of a picture worthy event but I missed the opportunity. Darn it....Maybe next time...It's like catching a solar eclipse, it leaves you in awe but only happens once every so often.

February 16, 2010

34 weeks!!

Here is my latest pregnancy picture. I am 34 weeks today!!

We are getting so close to the finish line I can see it. I am really going to miss being pregnant I think...I have really enjoyed it. (Well the morning sickness wasn't too much fun but as soon as that ended I was great!) I got my monthly massage today from a GREAT lady in Willmar. That is something that I have splurged on the last few months of this pregnancy and have really helped me maintain my relaxed laid-back attitude. (Not that I really had a problem being relaxed or laid-back before the massages) But they truly are a great treat and she really helps work out the little aches and pains I am getting from my ever growing belly. I am also experience what my doctor says are Braxton Hicks...My whole belly gets tight and kinda rises up and I feel pressure. They don't really hurt but I can definitely tell they have been stronger over the last week or so. This just means I'm prepping for "Cletus'" birthday so I am enjoying every second!! I just can't believe that in the next month or so we will FINALLY get to meet our little baby.

February 14, 2010

Practicing for Motherhood :)

While my sister was on her honeymoon I got the chance to hang out with her girls for a couple days and give my mom a break for bunko. Thursday evening I took them swimming up at the hotel by my Grandma Huesmann's house (Grandma made her FAMOUS eclair cake which was quite the treat) On Friday I decided to get super adventurous and take Jada and Saniya to Nickelodeon Universe @ the Mall of America. They had never been there before but were SUPER excited to go. (even though they had NO CLUE what I was talking about). We had a blast and the girls were SO well behaved for their VERY pregnant auntie!! I of course took lots of pictures with my new camera of our adventures. I was also glad that I could spend some time with them because it might be the last time I can really spoil them before I have a little one of my own to spoil. (We had to make a stop at the Disney Store on the way out of course and I thought Saniya was going to flip a lid with all the Disney Princess gear...We escaped with them each getting a small Disney Princess doll- Which kept them nicely entertained ALL the way home..including a wait for a carwash) Being an auntie is just sooo much fun!!

I LOVE the look on Saniya's face!! (Note-This was her second time on this ride...She just loves being scared I guess)

On the Merry-go-Round


Riding the Balloon Swings- (I rode with them- even though I get EXTREMELY motion sick...I just focused on the girls and didn't look at the stuff whirling by us)

From the Dora Ferris Wheel

Checking out the view from the top!!

A little down time to play with some Legos in Lego Land.

Now I can wait another few years before visiting the Mall of America again :) I've had my fix for a while. Saniya wanted to go back the next day- Asking when we were going to "Mickelodeon" again....My reply- "Maybe Mommy can take you!! Aunt Heidi is BEAT!!!"

February 9, 2010

View from My Front Window

Today I slept in until 9. I have been enjoying this lately since I know it will all come to a screeching halt as soon as the baby arrives. I am 33 weeks pregnant today and just like my previous posts-feeling pretty darn good. As I contemplate what I should accomplish today...bathroom needs cleaning, house need straightening, dishes from last night are still by the sink, I decided to look out my front window. It is something that I know I take for granted and hardly ever do. But today the sun is shining in and the fresh snow is being all piled up by the snow trucks in town and I thought...I really do live in farm country. I normally love it and tell people how I enjoy the quiet life a town of 550 has to offer, but today I love it even more. I think there are very few people who can sit inside their warm little houses wearing their robe and slippers on a Tuesday morning and really just take the time to enjoy their life. I am thankful to have everything we have, to live in a small town where my neighbor called me yesterday just to see how I was, to be able to stay home and build a home for my family and make lunch for my husband everyday. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely things I don't understand/agree with about the people/culture in rural MN. I don't understand why when you ask the question "why?" you get the answer "Because that's how we always have done it". I don't understand the lack of tolerance for those/that which is different by people who have yet to truly experience life outside their bubble (ie-Danube, MN) or why my views or those of my husband are bad because we chose to think differently and more openly about most issues. Maybe we are just what a small town like this needs to shake it up a little and show that acceptance and embracing the unknown or different can be enriching and enjoyable. I think my move to this small town has shown me just that, different can be amazing. It's no NE Minneapolis, or Hoboken, NJ, Fargo, ND, Mexico City, London, Barcelona or even an Oak Grove or East Bethel, MN...It is the view from my front window in my quaint, change-fearing, neighbor-loving, snow-covered, farm-driven, small town and I wouldn't have it any other other way.

February 8, 2010

Wedding and New Camera Pics

I got my new camera on Thursday and am already in love with it. I took a few pictures at Sadie's wedding and while getting ready. Here are a few. I can't wait to start taking tons of pictures!

Thought I would try a classic "wedding shot". Needs a little photoshopping but still pretty cool.

Here is Sadie's hair courtesy of the FABULOUS Lisa Herman!!!

Pretty girls!!!

Me and my BFF Bonny who was visiting from Florida and was TONS of help for some last minute details and videographer of the ceremony!! Love you Midge!!

Getting laced up!

Just testing out the camera on some decorations.

February 4, 2010

My sister is getting MARRIED!!!!

My big sister Sadie is getting married tomorrow and I couldn't be more happy for her :) She is marrying a sweet, gentle man who is a great father to his 2 girls and a great step-father to Jada and Saniya!! I am sooo happy for their family and know they will really help enrich each other's lives and be true partners in the journey of love, parenthood, and life they are on!!! Congrats to SADIE AND MIKE!!!!

Also KUDOS to Candy and Steve Cross for throwing 3 weddings in less than 2 years!!!
-Heidi and Paul 8/16/08
-Nolan and Jenny 6/20/09
-Sadie and Mike 2/5/10

February 3, 2010

$1.99 picture frame

I was at Joann craft store and saw plain white wooden little frames for sale. They were $1.99 a piece and thought I could probably make some really cute baby room picture frames. I decided only to buy 1 as a test subject to see if it turned out cute. (I should have bought more because now I have grand ideas for a picture frame wall-art collage in the nursery.) Anyways, with some scrap book paper, buttons, Elmer's glue, and some clear spray paint finish, and of course some hot glue I have a cute frame for the baby room and the desire to make more :) It was so cheap and easy. I thought these would make GREAT gift ideas if you had some letters to personalize with a name or favorite toy theme or anything fun like that. Basically any little decoration, scrap-booking scraps, even small toys could be used to make the frame your very own...I might just have to head back to Joann next week...and wouldn't you know it I just got a flyer with some coupons...I think it's a sign.

Here are a couple pictures of the finished frame up close and then in the nursery.

32 weeks...and counting

Yesterday I was officially 32 weeks and counting...Which sort of gave me a reality check. I could have a baby anytime in the next 2-10 weeks!! YIKES!! It is just so surreal...I am hoping for a baby somewhere in the middle...Maybe 6-7 weeks from now would be JUST RIGHT :) Anyways, it got me thinking that i should probably buy my car seat. We (meaning I did all the research and told Paul about it) have decided on the Graco SnugRide 32. It is a little more spendy than some other infant carriers/car seats but it has the bonus of being able to support babies up to 32 lbs. (Most infant seats only go up to 20) And ALL you Mom's may already know this (I learned it in my car seat training/installation class for work this summer) but just because the law says it is OK to switch your baby forward facing @ 1 yr and/or 20lbs...It is actually recommended that they stay rear facing a lot longer and up to 30lbs. As long as they don't outgrow the height restriction for this seat..I think it will work perfectly. (Let's be honest..the chance of to average height people like me and Paul popping out a Shag baby is pretty slim) Found the best price on Amazon.com with free shipping. I am really liking this online shopping thing!!!

February 2, 2010

Just finished reading - The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

I just finished reading this book. It was recommended by my sister who read it while she was pregnant.
This is how the author describes the book on her website www.anitadiamant.com "The Red Tent retells the story of Dinah, which is found in the Biblical book of Genesis, Chapter 34. This episode, usually known as the "Rape of Dinah" has been a difficult passage for bible readers for centuries because of the murderous behavior of Jacob's sons. In Genesis, Dinah does not say a single word; what happens to her is recounted and characterized as rape by her brothers. In my retelling of the story, Dinah finds her voice. The Red Tent is told entirely from her perspective and the point of view of the women around her.

The Red Tent is historical fiction, but because it is based on a story in the Bible, many readers feel an extraordinary connection to its cast of characters, whose names and tales are part of our culture, and our families, too. After all, many of us have parents named Jacob or Rachel, and many of us have children named Joseph or Leah."

I REALLY enjoyed this book, not only because it is about and in the voice of the women of the time but it also deals a lot with birth and midwifery. It also has many themes about mothers, motherhood and what that entails (both good and bad). You really come to connect with Dinah and really get into the story that it seems she is able to tell for the first time. Whether you are familiar with the biblical references or not does not influence how great this book is. I highly recommend it to anyone especially mothers and mothers-to-be.

February 1, 2010

Crafting Corner- Shoe Box Storage

Since getting a wonderful book of crafting ideas from my sister for a baby shower gift, I have embarked on a few projects for baby. (see fleece boppy below). Todays craft was converting a couple old shoe boxes into cute sorage/keepsake boxes for the nursery. here are the supplies I started with.

pieces of remnant material
old shoe box
hot glue gun and glue
spray adhesive
any other extra's or bling you may want to add (buttons, iron on photos, etc)

I cut and adhere the material to the shoe box using the spray adhesive (which BTW is not good for anyone to breath in especially preggos so use it in a WELL ventilated area... I chose my basement with a window cracked and a fan blowing) Much easier to spray paint/glue when it is nice out and you can just use your deck/yard. Do the same for the lid. I chose 2 different fabrics but you can use the same fabric for both if you like. Then tack down the inside edges using a hot glue gun. (Pull the fabric so that it has no wrinkles first.) Next cut enough ribbon to go around the whole bottom of the box. Hot glue this down leaving 6-8 inches left to tie. Do the same for the lid (cut enough ribbon and glue down leaving 6-8 extra inches) I chose to glue two parallel ribbons but you can do just one in the center or off center, whatever looks best to you. Next put the lid on the box and tie the ribbons from the box and the lid together creating a cute little. Here is the finished product.

I made two!!!

Here they are in their new home in the baby's room. (Note the green material on bottom is a little see through but I think using the flash amplifies it. A thicker quilting material would cover better but I used what I had)