September 30, 2015

Roaring 20's Party

Last weekend, we threw a birthday party for two of my newest, yet dearest, friends.  Rob and Dave both celebrate turning a new decade this year. What better way to ring it in than with a theme party: Roaring 20's into their 40's!!

My garage was tranformed into a Speakeasy by my wonderful and talented mother, Candy.  It was nothing short of AMAZING!!   We even made a specialty batch of wine, had a photo opp wall and gambling.  Oh, and did I mention there was a secret entrance too?  You had to enter through the phone booth.  Wouldn't want to rouse any suspicion during prohibition right??

I am pretty sure I haven't had this much fun in a LONG time.  Here are the pictures to help inspire you to throw your next Roaring 20's Bash!!



  1. This really was the best party ever! I must commend you and your mom on your amazing talent . It was so much fun, can't wait to do it again.