February 13, 2013

DIY Tote/Diaper Bag

I have been carrying around the nastiest, stained tote bag when I leave the house. It's actually slightly embarrassing.

When I saw a tutorial on Pinterest for this tote bag, I just had to make it. I am no expert seamstress but I do have to give myself kudos. My skills are greatly improving.

I am in LOVE with the color scheme on this bag (Thanks to fabric.com's awesome fabric selection).

Here is the tutorial I followed:

I made some minor adjustments in order to have a larger tote (big enough to fit diapers, sippy cups, etc)

Here are the measurements I used:
Batting: 20" x 13.5"
Bag piece (yellow chevron): 20"x27.5"
Pocket (grey): 20" x 21"
Webbing: 80" (2 40" pieces)

I really like how it turned out. I can't wait to sew some more in different colors.


  1. I think you did a great job. I made this bag as well at the original size and it is way too small. I was thinking of enlarging it as well. Your size looks like it's adequate.

  2. I'm so glad this post is getting so many hits. I didn't even realize it until my friend saw it on Pinterest . Update: I still love my bag. I increased the dimension from the original blog I found it on. For those of you looking for an even bigger bag, I would increase the overall height of the bag. You know how quickly it fills up with kid stuff. :) happy sewing. Thanks for checking this out.

  3. HI.. A couple questions: What's the final size of the bag??? & the measurements you give about, are times 2, aren't they??

  4. Hi there! I would love to make this, but I was wondering if we could get the finished measurements. I too made to original tiny one, gave it to my youngest and would like a mom one also. Thanks!

    1. I'll dig it out and measure it.

  5. You have a done a great job. You have made a really cute tote bag. Thank you for sharing a very valuable information to us. I am damm sure people will love your creativity. I'll make sure to calculate this kind of stuff in my collection soon so you can even earn money for your creativity.

  6. Are you sure your straps are cut longer? Mine don't even loop.

  7. HI, We are still waiting to know the finished size of your diaper bag. How long did you cut your straps? When you sewed down the triangles to make the bottom corners of your bag, how deep or how many inches did you mark & sew them at? Also what kind of batting did you use? Thanks! My fabric is cut & ready to sew.

  8. Bag measures 16" wide and 10.5" tall

  9. Oh and yes. I lengthened the straps since I enlarged the bag. Each strap piece is 48" and you need 2 pieces. So 96" total

  10. Oh. And I just used cheap quilt batting. Nothing too special

  11. Point of reference on the bag- that is an old school original kindle in the pocket :)

  12. Hey! Cute bag! Was wondering what type of fabric did you use the whole bag does not have batting or interfacing? Did you use a heavier fabric like duck?

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