November 27, 2009

Feeling Sad :(

Today I received news that a friend passed away suddenly due to complications with the flu/pneumonia. He was a great listener, wonderful friend who would help out anyone at any time and and the type of person that could relate to anyone about just about anything. I had the pleasure of working with him many long sometimes frustrating nights at the bar and he could always make me smile even when I was being grumpy at Grumpy's. My thoughts are with all of his family and friends it is really so sad and shocking to lose such a young lively person too soon.
Maybe it's the loss or pregnancy that makes me a little more thoughtful but I think today is a good day for me to truly spend some time thinking about the people that come into our lives and what value they bring, or vice versa the negative people or energy in your life that are/should be expended. Life is far to short and/or precious. Although I know we are all guilty of being thoughtless and careless (myself included). I just think that it really can't hurt to be more generous in our lives. More generous with our "I love you's", our time, our kindness, our resources (monetary or otherwise), our smiles and waves to strangers, our listening ears and just about everything. Generosity and thoughtfulness are two things that really can make a difference in the lives of others which I think was not exemplified better in a person than in my friend Alex. I KNOW for a fact that he will be missed by so many people that had the pleasure of having them be part of their life (no mater how big or small).

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