November 30, 2011

Where did November go??

Seriously….wasn’t it just Halloween.  According to my posts- apparently it was.  I guess things have been more than busy around here.  I think I just kept waiting for the “summer rush” to settle down and it never did.  Between the 3 weddings in Sept, 1 in Oct, buying a house, hunting season-which is 3 weekends in November and Thanksgiving, our lives remain as hectic as they were in August.  Weird…or maybe not for a young ambitious family of 4.  Here’s a rundown of our lives since I last wrote. 

House stuff-

It is going great having our own house.  I really love it.  My redecorating really stalled out over 3 weeks of having company but has plans of getting back on track the next 2 weeks.  My mom and I are going to attempt to tile my backsplash.  I have complete faith that I have watched enough HGTV to accomplish this task successfully :)


Kid Stuff-

Emmy Lu turned 5 months old on Sunday.  Time is flying!!  She is happy, relaxed and cute.  She still won’t take a bottle but I have resigned to the fact that she will go straight from nursing to sippy cup.  We’ll just skip the whole bottle thing.  Tanner is doing great too.  He is such a big boy and is talking ALL.THE.TIME.  I think it might be a first born thing but he is very vocal and has a vocabulary the is off the charts.  He knows most of his alphabet and shapes and we are working on his numbers and colors.  We are starting Spanish around here too so hopefully my little amigo will pick that right up.


On-the-go and company-

During the month of November we hosted many many people for MN deer hunting season.  Yes my family hunts…but it is more about the company then the actual hunt I feel.  Seeing as we only got one deer yet went through countless cases of beer…I would say I know where the priority lies.  One weekend I had 22 people at my house for the weekend.  I did lots of cooking (which lucky for them all I LOVE to do).

We went down to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving.  I had originally planned on staying home but at the last minute we decided to go spend it with my family that I had just seen for 3 weeks straight (good thing I love them or I might get sick of them…)  I had my first Black Friday shopping experience that got cut short by Miss Emmy Lu who needed me to come home and feed her.  On Black Friday we also did our annual cookie bake.  This year we made over 15 types of cookies….which equaled A LOT, A LOT of cookies.  We give them to neighbors and friends and of course take some home for ourselves.

We helped my nephew Caiden celebrate his 1st birthday last weekend too.  He is a cute, happy little guy that Tanner just LOVES!  After coming home Tanner walks around looking for his cousins saying- “Caiden? Jada? Niya?”  Poor little guy gets lonely.


Soo that’s a quick rundown of my last month.  I have been quite the busy momma.   Hope you are surviving the start of the holiday season..I hope to write more frequently in December.

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