March 22, 2012

2 Years of Learning on the Job

Today my first born, Tanner, turns 2 years old.


It is cliché and it is said by every mother everywhere but seriously where did the time go?


The soft baby fuzz wisps have been replaced by the ever growing, sweat-filled mop of a constantly busy toddler.

The cries and whimpers to tell me what he needed are now “Please, Mommy.” and “No!”

The countless hugs and kisses that have been given are now being returned with an “I Love you!” that brings tears of complete and utter JOY each time I hear it.

And then there is his smile…ahhh…that smile.

And his laugh. 

I was telling friends this past weekend about the seriously indescribable amount of love you can feel once becoming a parent.  It is mind blowing.  However, these moments of complete and utter love are not in every moment of everyday.

They are not present in the moments when he is “practicing” his tantrums, or when he hits his sister after being reminded over and over again to be gentle, or when all he seems to want is “more Thomas the Train please Mommy,” or when I am counting the minutes til Daddy is home.

Oh…but when those moments of complete love and adoration come, boy you’d better watch out.

It is consuming



I can’t even count how many of those moments I have had in the past two years since becoming a parent but each time I want to stop, breath it all in, live in it forever.

I read somewhere that parenting is a learn as you go type of job and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet, funny boy!!!


Smiley Boy 3

Fence Smile Color

  Tanner 1 year 7


DSC_0922 Note: This last picture was snapped this morning as the birthday boy was just getting up for some morning cartoons.  I don’t think he was too please to have a camera toting mommy in  his face.

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