February 1, 2013

First Day-February

I once again was not equipped with my nice camera on First Day and only actually realized it was the 1st thanks to Nicole's reminder. Next month I'll try to aim for using a real camera vs my grainy iPhone camera.

Thursday night we took advantage of a midweek special at a hotel/water park in Duluth. Emmy Lu had an early wake up time (hence my early start to my first day.) She, thankfully, went back to sleep (after a little Cailou on her LeapPad) and both kids stayed in bed till nearly 9. However, my in-utero baby "Tiebreaker" often has other plans for my body and what he/she deems appropriate times for gymnastics.

We combatted the sub zero temps by swimming again this morning, getting some greasy treats for lunch and doing some baking this afternoon.

Sorry for the long intro this month. Without further ado....here's our First Day.


  1. Tell Paul he might as well just go all out and keep his hair long and donate it to locks for love :) The water park looked fun! The negative 15 degree weather did not. I can't belive I will be moving back to the tundra someday...

  2. That water park looks awesome! I also want your bread recipe! I've tried a couple but they never work right. I want to figure it out so I can be a real Suzy Homemaker!

  3. And I thought I got up early! I agree...that negative 15, I cannot even imagine.

  4. Brrr....that is COLD! I loved looking into your day - looks like a lot of fun :)

  5. Brrr! I can't imagine being that cold. Your bread looks wonderful.