November 15, 2013


Let's get real. I'm horrible at posting everyday. In the spirit of the Thabksgiving holiday, here is a list of all sorts of good things I am thankful for:

-My children (obviously, they rock)
-My sister and Mom 
-My dad and brother too
-My BFF, Bonny Liane Cunz
-my nieces and nephews (I love being an auntie)
-solid group of girl friends 
-Great public school in our area
-Tanner's teachers ( they are some of the nicest ladies I have ever met)
-The Voice (I LOVE this show)
-my cousins (even the crazy ones)
-Cherry Chapstick 
-Good dreams
-my kindle (I love to read)
-my college education
-freedom and liberty
-our heated "party garage"
-accepting individuals
-good books
-quiet time
-favorite recipes
-a quality hairdresser (never underestimate the power of good hair)
-Target (I'm in love with this store)
-my smart phone (I would feel totally isolated in the northwoods without it)
- my grandmas (two of the coolest 70-something's I know)
- warm sunny days at the lake
-cozy bon fires
-being able to have pajama days where I don't dress the kids or myself for the day and we just play ( so basically 3/4 of our days at home :)
-Christmas carols (my favorite part of the season)
-laughter.  I'm entirely convinced that this will cause us to live longer 
-LAST but not least- I am thankful for free-thinking. Paul is especially good at not following the herd and asking "Why?"  a lot. I am getting better at questioning my reasons/motivation for my decisions and actions then trying my best to approach life with free-thinking and curiosity. Thank goodness for higher thought processes right? The human brain never ceases to amaze me. 

Is that enough things? I could go on but I think I covered my bases. 

Happy Thanksgiving folks! I hope you are spending the day doing something you love with the people you love.


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