December 9, 2009

24 weeks down- 16 to go until baby comes!!

I had my 5 month appt today with my doctor! (who, btw, I just LOVE!!) I feel like she has probably delivered 1,000 babies and just tells you whats up. For example- at my first couple appointments she told me that I couldn't be healthier and more ready to be poppin out kids!! :) Today she measure my belly and checked the heartbeat (still in the 150's) and the baby is moving A LOT!! I think we have an active one on our hands! I did lose a few lbs since last month so she told me to add a snack or two a day, something I can TOTALLY handle. I have plenty of reserves so the baby is FAR from hungry I bet. We can't believe that I am due in less than 4 months...Time is flying by and I have a feeling it will be March before I know it. Good thing the nursery is finished and is just waiting for a baby to fill it up!! The picture is of a shirt i bought at Macy's during my Chicago trip. It was just too cute to pass up!!

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