July 9, 2010

And it continues....

As I sit here drinking my morning coffee and letting Tanner sit in his bumbo trying to pick up his assortment of toys that lay in front of him, I am reminding myself to do just one thing....TAKE A DEEP BREATH and RELAX!!!

It seems like we are in the thick of the hectic summer schedule....Fourth of July weekend Tanner and I went to my parents cabin in Sturgeon Lake, MN and Paul met us there after going to a friend's 30th birthday. It was an AWESOME long weekend with lots of swimming, washer toss, laughing and great family time (unfortunately I didn't take my camera out at all). I feel so lucky to have Tanner be part of such a warm and loving family. He was such a good boy and even went swimming in the lake a couple times. It was so hot and I think he really enjoyed it. (more so when we let him play in the water naked). I stayed up at the cabin until Tuesday, which was also my 27th birthday. It was hard to tear myself away from the lake. I just love it up there!! But there was stuff that needed my attention here at home...

This week the boys (Paul, and my cousins- Brandyn and Jacob) got the first coat of paint on the house and it is looking awesome already!! We are getting closer and closer to posting the before and after pics!! Also this week, is our town celebration-Danube Fun Days!! Again my family is heading down here to partake in the festivities which started on Wed with an ice cream social and ends Sunday with the Fire Dept Keg shoot. (Its where teams form Fire Depts around the area shoot there hoses at a keg suspended above the street on a cable. The first team to push the keg all the way over to the other side wins...It is apparently a BIG deal out here) This year Paul will be participating so Tanner and I will spend our Sunday down at the park cheering him on!

I stayed up til 1 am last night (after some homemade iced mocha) and was up and 7 today prepping for the arrival of 20 guests. I think everything is set. The yard is cleared and ready for campers, the sheets are washed on all of the guest beds, my food is cooked, and my house is on it way to being clean...right after I finish this cup of coffee :)

So the busy life of this farm wife and country mama continues.....

Hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as the Nyquists!!

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