November 29, 2012

Snow Angels

Although my blogging has been a little silent….errrr…non existent,  We are still here.  Just busy…very busy.  I will leave it to your imagination on what my day-to-day operations are with two toddlers (occasionally 4 extras while I was babysitting) and a pregnancy that seems to suck the life from my body. 

We had a successful deer hunting season up at our house.  The month of November was pretty much consumed by friends and family up to hunt in the Great White North.

With the end of deer hunting season comes Christmas time at our house.  The tree is up (which we went out and cut from our own woods), and my house is fully on its way to looking like Santa’s workshop.  The kids love it. So do I.  I realize it is not quite December yet but with my shopping almost complete, parties planned, and cookie recipes waiting to be baked, it seems Christmas is in full swing in the Northland.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the kids playing in the snow.  They are my little snow angels.





  1. I have to admit, I was one week away from emailing Bonny to make sure everything was okay! Glad to see hunting went well for you all, can we see some pictures of your winter wonderland?

  2. Way to make me look bad and update you blog :). I was actually thinking of updating mine as well...lets see what I get done during nap time.