December 1, 2012

First Day- December

I don't want to gross you all out with my disgusting details of my stomach flu-filled first day. But I did spend a majority of the day either in bed or laying on the couch while my husband helped take care of me and our two ailing little ones. It was not a fun day.
So obviously- not any pictures... Well except for one. This has been my savior today: Luigi's Italian Ice. As I lay on the couch eating my second one of the day, I am convinced that tomorrow will be better:)
At least my Christmas tree is sparkling beautifully in the background right?


  1. eeeee! The flu is no fun. The flu with kids is MISERY! At least Paul was home to help!

    I got the flu last year and Andrew had to work. I had to crawl into the other room to call my MIL for help while my kids watched in horror. It was AWFUL!

    Hope you're feeling better now!

  2. The flu is the pits. I hope you are feeling better!