May 6, 2014

Spring Flowers Craft

This week the kids and I started mini school.  What is “mini school” you ask??  Well, I wanted a way to ease the kids into a new routine and get a feel to where they were at developmentally.  So before jumping into the deep end of homeschooling this fall, we are getting our feet wet with themed learning each week.  This week’s unit is “Spring has Sprung” (which by the way is totally debatable here in the Northwoods.  I still have a snow bank in my yard!!). 

I’ll give an entire week in review on Friday but I wanted to share a quick craft with you; foam flowers.

I picked up some foam sheets at my favorite dollar store, Dollar Tree.  Seriously, this is like the mecca for awesome homeschool supplies for CHEAP!!


Here’s a run down of what I did:

I drew some leaf, petal and center stencils on cardboard, then traced them onto the foam.  I then cut them all out.  Both Emmy and Tanner, enjoyed making combinations of flowers and creating their little foam gardens.  Super easy, super cheap and it seemed like the kids enjoyed it.  We will definitely be playing with these again this week and possibly gluing them down on Friday to make some flower foam art to hang on our fridge.  It is a great quiet time activity that requires them to use fine motor, representation and symbolic thinking, and learning and problem solving.  Who knew you could get all that for $1.00?!?!?










Aren’t they cute?

This was mine.  Of course, I forgot to snap pictures while the kids were playing with them.  I’ll try to get some tomorrow.

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