May 30, 2014

Acceptance and Unconditional Love

My last post on Gender Creativity got an OVERWHELMING response. (including a reader in France who reached out and offered a kind supportive email).  Who knew that people around the WORLD were reading the ramblings of a Northwoods Minnesota Mama???

Crazy huh?

If you missed it, read it HERE.

Most of the response was really, REALLY good.  People telling me it warmed their heart and that I was such a good mom.  All of which made me feel really good about myself.  However, the bigger message in my blog was not individual to Tanner, or me, or even my parenting style.  As I go back and reread my own words, I see that it is really about acceptance and unconditional love.

It is about supporting ALL of my children in the choices they make and finding their true selves.  Their happy place.  A place to not only thrive but SOAR. Accepting who they are and helping them do the same for themselves.

Each day, I find a new pocket of my heart that wasn’t there before.  A place that used to be filled with sass and wild oats to be sewn. A space that is now being replaced with the sort of love that brings tears to my eyes.  I think THAT is what they call unconditional love.  I will love you no matter what, through everything, because of everything and despite of everything.  THAT kind of love.

So, if my post made anyone on this planet think a little deeper about accepting those who are different and loving them through it, then I am happy.  If it made someone think twice about how we love our children, about how simple it is to choose love and acceptance over fear and shame then I am full. Then one more of those unknown pockets of my heart just got filled with a little more love for humanity.

So thank you for your love, support, acceptance and understanding.  It surely goes a long way in this world.



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