August 28, 2014

Embracing Naptime

Naptime used to be a stressful time for me. Trying to get 3 kids to simultaneously nap so that I could quick rush and get an hour or two of projects done. The days my kids actually cooperated left me feeling frazzled and overworked because I didn't take a break. The days they didn't nap left me feeling frazzled and crabby with their lack of cooperation. 

I don't know when or how the wind shifted, but sometime over the summer I have learned to change my thinking. I no longer battle naptime, I embrace it.

The older kids want me to lay with them so I do. I put Harriet in her crib then me and the older two gather our blankies and cozy up in my bed. They think it's a treat to lay with me and, go figure, they go right to sleep. 

I then use the time to practice some deep breathing, nap, or if I'm real sneaky slide in my earbuds and watch an episode of "House of Cards."

Occasionally I sneak out after they are asleep to catch up on some housework or cooking but I'm finding more often than not I just like to lay with their sleepy heads cozied right up to mine, trying to synchronize our breathing. It sounds SUPREMELY cheesy but I know that one day these moments might be just fleeting memories. Why not relish in them as opposed to rushing through them??

It's a mantra that I am trying to spread through other areas of my life too. Slow down, enjoy, relax. Who knew it could be so rewarding?? (Probably my mom. She seems to know all of life's good little secrets)

So it anyone needs me between the hours of 1&3 pm...I'm probably resting with some cute kids. Do not disturb!! :)

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