August 20, 2014

Ready for school

Update on our homeschooling:

We aren't starting "our official school year" until after Labor Day but boy am I ready to dive into our first year of homeschool!!! Room is mostly set up, curriculum and planner are purchased. August is my prep month then we'll begin!!! I can't wait for our adventure in Pre-Kindergarten!!!

We decided to go with Oak Meadow Kindergarten curriculum. I know I could probably piece together a curriculum myself but wanted to try an all-in-one curriculum to see if it will work for us. (Plus I got it on sale)

I'm still working out a schedule and just how I think I'm going to balance it all. I guess I'm just having faith that we will have fun, learn and be kids!!!

I can't wait!!!

1 comment:

  1. Super excited to hear your thoughts on Oak Meadow! I've heard its awesome!