November 14, 2008


So last night Paul and I went to the Wild hockey game with the tickets that I won at work. (It was my first Wild game ever!!) We got downtown St. Paul at about 5:45 and went to Great Water Brewing Co for dinner and drinks. It was really good and the host hooked us up with an awesome table by the window :) Our seats for the game were GREAT!! We were right behind the visiting teams penalty box. It was AWESOME!! I have never been so close to the action before. It was also kinda fun to give the opposing players in the penalty box some guff. One guy was a little scary though...He was is a fight and was not too happy. I was glad that there was a sheet of glass between us. Those hockey players are tough (and pretty big guys too)! We had beers and had a lot of fun with the people sitting next to us. It was a really great time. THe pictures are from my camera phone so the quality isn't the best but it shows how close we were! I can't wait for my next opportunity to go to another game!

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