November 12, 2008

Halloween and Hunting season

So for Halloween none of our friends really had any grand plans so I decided that the Nyquist's would host a little shindig at our place! It turned out awesome :) Everyone stopped by and had awesome costumes!! Sadie adn Mike took the prize with Beatlejuice adn Lydia though. I have a group pic of everyone above. We ended up going to Mayslacks (13 piled into our new mini van) and drinking and dancing. (Orange Whip was the name of the band...They were awesome!!) It was tons of fun!!

Last weekend was opening hunting. We went up to my parents place in Barnum MN. THey have 80 acres and plenty of deer running around up there. Paul didn't get anything but my cousing Brandyn shot his first buck and my dad got a doe. I went out and sat in the stand with my mom. It was relaxing. We didn't see anything but it was fun walking out in the woods and all that.

Paul is going out of town to hunt with his dad and grandpa up at there hunting shack in northern MN this weekend so I am having a girls weekend!! We are doing doing wedding stuff. Ash and Dan July '09 and Malinda and Jeff Sept '09!!! FUN STUFF!!

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