January 29, 2010

28 reasons to love my FAVORITE 28 year old!!! Happy birthday Paul!!

1) He is one of the funniest people I know.
2) He is patient.
3) He is guaranteed to never go bald. (he's got a lot of hair)
4) His laugh.
5) His laugh when he is trying to press my buttons.
6) The excitement he shows for simple things.
7) His ability/willingness to fix stuff.
8) His DIY attitude towards home improvement.
9) How he compares the price per ounce while grocery shopping.
10) How he pauses and actually thinks (or is pretending to think) before responding.
11) His love for diet soda. His latest kick is Diet A&W.
12) He lets me watch Chelsea Lately and I think secretly enjoys it himself.
13) His ability to eat more than anyone I know and still be so skinny.
14) How he says "Pump it up!!!"
15) His love of the mustache. (He is currently sporting one)
16) He let's me cut his hair.
17) His inability to lie successfully.
18) He loves to play Cribbage with my grandpa.
19) He sports a speedo sometimes and doesn't look half bad :).
20) Grandma Huesmann absolutely adores him.
21) He's a farmer and loves it.
22) He misplaces stuff all of the time.
23) He is gentle.
24) He isn't afraid to be different. (this might be an understatement)
25) He loves disc golf (which is WAY cheaper than "ball golf" as he calls it).
26) He always checks what is on The History Channel and Discovery Channel.
27) He is going to be a GREAT FATHER!!!
28) He loves me more than anything, is supportive and makes me feel so lucky to be his wife on a daily basis!!!

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