January 28, 2010

Getting my Camera!!!!

So, I have been looking into purchasing a Digital SLR camera for sometime now. (Well since I found out I was pregnant) I figured what a GREAT excuse to splurge on an expensive camera!! I am excited to take pictures of my little guy or gal when they arrive. Anyways, after MANY hours of research both online and talking to photographers I had it narrowed down to the Canon Rebel or a Nikon D60. By a stroke of fate, a friend of a friend is selling her Nikon D60 in order to upgrade. (she is going into professional photography and is buying a D90) Anyways, long story short, we worked out a deal and I am buying her camera from her. (Along with a the 2 year remaining protection/cleaning plan @ Best Buy) which gives me GREAT piece of mind. AND she is going to give me a quick tutorial on how to use it when I pick it up!! Talk about working out perfectly!!! I get a new camera and she can now afford to buy her upgrade. (I LOVE networking for stuff) The only thing is that I have to wait until I go to the cities next Thurs for my sister's wedding to pick it up. Being the antsy Nancy I am, this will be a true test of patience :) Anyways, here's a picture of my new camera!! I can't wait to get it next week!!!

Oh and through my e-mail conversations with the nice yooung lady I am going to buy the camera from, I discovered two things. One that she is a mother of a newborn and is looking to get rid of baby stuff. So if I have a girl we might be seeing eachother again...and 2 an awesome website that I had never heard of called etsy.com. It is like an online craft sale!! It's FABULOUS!! I went on there and bought my self a cute homemade camera bag. THat is what the other pictue is of!! What a great morning!!

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