January 31, 2010

Take home outfit for Baby Nyquist

Can you tell I am excited for the baby to arrive??? Today I was sitting in the baby room enjoying the sights...I like to sit in there and relax. Maybe it's the colors or just being surrounded by sweet baby stuff. Maybe I am a freak or maybe this is normal for first time mom's, but I like to go through the clothes we have so far and look how small they are and put together little outfits. (I did love dressing up my Barbies and dolls when I was little so this could be a regression) Anyways, I decided to pick out a couple of options for the baby to wear home from the hospital. I feel a little bad that it will have to be yellow and green (since we don't know the sex of the baby), but CAN'T WAIT to have a little one wear these clothes!!! Two months from today is my due date but I keep visualizing March 21st in hopes the baby will come then :) (I am not holding my breath, from what I hear the baby will come when it is good and ready) He/She is kicking like crazy these days and keeping me up at night (practice for when it arrives) but I can not complain!! I am LOVING EVERY minute of this pregnancy and since the morning sickness stopped in the 15-16th week it has been SMOOTH sailing!!! I hope these next 8 weeks are just as joyful!! (even the huffing and puffing I now experience when doing simple tasks like running up the stairs after throwing in a load of laundry or prying myself out of bed and making my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night) I lost another pound at my last doctor appointment and she asked me if I was eating. I assured her that I was..I feel like I am eating a lot but make pretty healthy choices (maybe even more healthy than when I wasn't pregnant). Just in case I stepped up the fat/protein/snack intake. I figure this may be the only time in my life when I am getting instructed by a medical professional to eat more :) I better live it up!! My next doctor appointment is this Wednesday so we'll see what my progress is!! The fetal heart-rate has continually remained in the 150's through the entire pregnancy and my blood pressure is consistently around 110/65. (I don't know much about blood pressure but my nurse always says this is good so I trust her) I just can't wait for March and to finally get to me our healthy and happy baby!!!


  1. I brought a 0-3 mo size outfit when Charlie was born. Not knowing that they sell NB sizes. He was drowning in it. I brought a NB size one for Rachel and she was so fat that she looked like a sardine in a can. I wised up w/ Lacey and brought both a NB size AND a 0-3! Third time's a charm! :)

  2. yeah, one of the onsies is Newborn, the other is 0-3 months. Both the pants are 0-3 months though, so if I have a small baby they will just have to wear MC hammer style pants home. Nothing like starting off with style like that :)