December 17, 2010

9 month Check up

I swear I am still alive....even if barely at times :) The crazy/wonderful life here in the Northland continues. Tanner had a NASTY bug that lasted almost a week (fever, aches, coughing, runny nose, etc) He is doing just fine now and getting over his after sickness whining.  However, he has passed his lovely germs/illness to me so I am suffering through now. He had his 9 month check yesterday in Duluth. His new pediatrician seems very nice. I am glad because she will be the baby's pediatrician too. Here are Tanner's stats- (He has really "thinned out" in the last couple months)

Height: 28 1/2 Inches 64%
Weight: 20 lbs 13 oz 59%
Head Cir: 18 1/2 in 92% (room for lots of brains)

Tanner is really asserting his independence.  He likes what he likes and lets you know it.  He likes standing against anything he can and thinks he is so cool when he does.  He is not quite crawling yet but is army crawling around like crazy.  He has two bottom teeth and more that seem to be ready to pop through anytime.  He LOVES to wrestle with Daddy and get into anything that he is not supposed to be in (cords, important papers, phones, etc).  If you leave it out, he WILL get into it.  It is really fun to play with him and see how he is growing everyday.  His favorite trick is "so big" and het gets a big smile and expects applause after he does it.  He sleeps through the night (9:30-7:30) only waking up occasionally.  Most of the time he is able to talk himself back to sleep.  It is cute to hear him babbling and playing at 2 in the morning.  Overall, he remains a very happy and loving baby who loves to play, laugh, and give kisses.  I love spending everyday with him so I can experience all his stages with him.  I am excited to have Deuce and give Tanner a playmate and best friend.

Speaking of baby #2 (Deuce), he/she has been giving me a little bit of a hard time.  Just when I think I am feeling better I will get a random wave of sickness that sends me running to the nearest sink or toilet.  It is still better than I felt with Tanner though.  With him I was sick all day/everyday until I hit 15 weeks or so.  I am  13 weeks today so hope/expect to start feeling better anytime now. ( I have been saying that for the last month and a half so it better happen soon)  Also, I have been EXTREMELY tired.  I am sure this nasty cold is not helping but I really struggle to get through the day with out passing out of exhaustion.  Even with the sickness I wouldn't trade being pregnant for anything.  I really enjoy it and seem to be "popping" out already with this little nugget.  I didn't start showing with Tanner until about 16-20 weeks.  I have busted out my maternity clothes already.  Hope it slows down or I will be as big as a house by month 7 :)

Today's agenda is to bake, and prep for Paul's family Christmas this weekend and ORGANIZE.  My lack of energy has left the house in ruins and in complete disarray.  Paul is VERY helpful with Tanner but doesn't quite possess the Martha Stewart style organization skills I prefer.  I still have cookie recipes to post too.  I have not forgotten so do not worry folks...

I hope all your holiday planning and prepping is coming along swimmingly....1 week till Christmas Eve...YIKES!!!!!!   1 WEEK...I am just realizing this...Better get to it

From the Northland-


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