February 18, 2012

I do nerdy things like…

As you all know I stay home with my kids everyday and love it…but all that time alone with little people can drive a girl to do some crazy nerdy stuff.  I do nerdy things like…


-check facebook 45 times a day to see if my friends posted any new pictures of their kids/babies and/or pregnant bellies.

-DVR “The Bold and the Beautiful” to watch during naptime.

-buy coordinating outfits for my family to wear to functions like weddings, parties, etc.

- read my cookbooks over and over again looking at all the delicious food I aspire to make one day.

-make lists..for just about EVERYTHING

-think my star pajama pants (that I happened to get for $2.99 at the thrift store) are the most comfortable thing in the world.  So much so that I have to basically force myself to change out of them and put “real people” clothes on most days.

-do Zumba in my living room and think I am some sort of aspiring Latin Dancer.

-blog about the nerdy things I do

-keep my house abnormally clean for a mother of two very young children

-thinks a “fun day” to myself involves hitting up the local Hallmark and picking out cards for friends and relatives with upcoming birthdays.

-obsess slightly over what activities I should plan for T Fred’s 2nd birthday knowing full well that he will NOT remember it.


I’m a nerdy and proud!! 

What are your nerdy qualities?


  1. Ha ha ha that's great. Be nerdy for me, I don't have any time :)

  2. I am confused...how are any of these things nerdy?