February 20, 2012

Simple Sensory Bin

Keeping up with a busy toddler is FULL TIME work.  We are always doing activities that are both fun and help to mold his little mind.  Today after Tanner asked (for the 50th time) to watch Thomas the Train I knew I had to whip something out of my mom bag of tricks. 

(Yes, I do let my children watch TV but in limited amounts and only specific programs- For a while ONLY Sesame street was allowed in our house but now my almost 2 year old has acquired a taste for Thomas and Bob the Builder)

I looked in my pantry and whipped up this sensory bin:



Big container (dish pan or large Rubbermaid work great)

Dry oatmeal (you could also use rice)

Assorted dry pasta (I used large ring noodles, and broken up spaghetti noodles)

A set of measuring spoons

a wooden skewer (with the point cut off)

2 cupcake wrappers

a few favorite toys


This kept Tanner busy for a good 45 minutes.  He scooped up the mixture, buried his toys, pretended they were eating,  and threaded the ring noodles onto the skewer.  I’ve seen fancier versions of sensory bins on Pinterest but honestly this works just as well as those snazzy glittery bins.  This also sweeps up in a jiffy.  When we were done, I got out my broom, Tanner got his and we cleaned up together.  This is a great activity to keep your toddler busy on rainy days or during this home-stretch of winter here in the Northland.


Happy playing!!

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