January 15, 2013

30 is the new 25

I have taken many applications and held try-outs but have yet to find a better best friend than the one I have. Bonny is seriously the greatest...and older than me (I don't hit 30 until July) Her worst flaw is that she lives WAY to far away.

This past weekend she turned 30. It seemed so far away when we were chasing boys, writing notes in code names, and sneaking beer from our parents' fridges but it inevitably arrived.

To help her celebrate I booked a kid-free flight to Florida. We spent 4 days making up for the BFF time we both miss living so far from one another. We did lunch, went to the beach, did a spa day, sat in the warm FL sun, went out for a birthday dinner, caught up on our gossip and watched the Golden Globes. Because we are both pregnant, the extent of our wild birthday weekend included indulging in chocolate milk and staying up til 10pm.

Don't worry, we have BIG plans for 40!!!

Here are some pictures of the weekend.


  1. This post makes me smile. My BFF, Andrea (from SF) helped me celebrate my 30th last weekend (PS. her bday is in July too). She doesn't live in FL but Rochester is plenty far enough. We probably see each other as much as you an Bonny see each other. Glad you had a good trip!

  2. SO happy you got to go spend the weekend together!!! YAY for lifelong friends!