January 18, 2013

We're growing

A family friend had a puppy that their elderly mother just couldn't take care of and came up for adoption. So...we took him.

His name is Juno.

He is a cavalier spaniel and miniature poodle mix but he looks all miniature poodle to me. He is 8 months old and sweet as can be.

We have ventured into goat and chicken ownership but this will be our first time as dog owners. I keep saying that Juno is the perfect "starter dog." He is small, kid friendly, doesn't shed, and is able to go anywhere we travel as a family.

For Tanner, it was love at first sight. He couldn't wait to pet and feed his new dog. Emmy Lu wasn't so quick to warm and whined anytime the little dog got anywhere near her. I am happy to report that seems be getting better (4 hours later). She even shared my lap with Juno and *gasp* touched him. I give her a day tops before she is completely and utterly in love with him too. Who couldn't love a cute little thing like this??

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