September 20, 2013

Daily Dose, September 20th

I have no great aspirations to be a famously pinned and read blogger. Heck, that would require me to post more than the once a month First Day posts that I, at times, struggle posting.

What I do aspire to do is remember these days of my life, OUR lives.

Being a mom to 3 children under the age of four, and a husband that is often gone due to work and school schedules, I sometimes find myself getting swallowed by the big job of keeping us all up and running on any given day. 

I think (hope) I am doing a great job at living and loving in "the moment," soaking up my kids and all they encompass.  The problem is that with three little creatures and me hanging out solo most days, these "moments" both good and bad are shot at me like rapid fire. 

Each night I try and fill Paul in on atleast one funny, quirky, odd, frustrating, joyful moment. 

Here in lies my idea. Instead of just telling them to Paul and letting the memories slip through our faulty brains as the years pass, I am going to blog them. Some nights it may be just a short antidote, others may be filled with any wisdom or lesson I can take away with it.  Either way, I can document theses days with my babies before they are long gone. 

I'm calling it my Daily Dose. Feel free to follow along, join in, or share your daily dose of life moments too.

Tonight's Daily dose:

Rainbow Magic

Tanner ran excitedly in the door from outside. Hattie was in her jumperoo whileI finished cooking supper.  He took my hand and lead me outside to proudly show me that he had spotted a rainbow in the sky. Paul and Emmy Lu were busy playing across the yard.
"Look mom, a rainbow. Maybe we should follow it. That would be great idea!!"
(Side note: he says that many things are "great ideas." Few of them actually are)
I explained how we couldn't chase the rainbow because that would mean we would have to cross the street and he agreed it would be too dangerous. Instead we stood there in awe of a beautifully, bright rainbow contemplating the "magic" surrounding it and whether or not he would be able to slide down it. 
I didn't feel it was the right moment to explain light refraction or laws of physics to a 3.5 year old so instead just answered his questions with more questions. 
I'm in awe of his creativity and fresh look at life. As his mother I hope he always finds something to inspire him and make him feel part of something as magical as a 3 year old spotting rainbows. 

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