February 1, 2010

Crafting Corner- Shoe Box Storage

Since getting a wonderful book of crafting ideas from my sister for a baby shower gift, I have embarked on a few projects for baby. (see fleece boppy below). Todays craft was converting a couple old shoe boxes into cute sorage/keepsake boxes for the nursery. here are the supplies I started with.

pieces of remnant material
old shoe box
hot glue gun and glue
spray adhesive
any other extra's or bling you may want to add (buttons, iron on photos, etc)

I cut and adhere the material to the shoe box using the spray adhesive (which BTW is not good for anyone to breath in especially preggos so use it in a WELL ventilated area... I chose my basement with a window cracked and a fan blowing) Much easier to spray paint/glue when it is nice out and you can just use your deck/yard. Do the same for the lid. I chose 2 different fabrics but you can use the same fabric for both if you like. Then tack down the inside edges using a hot glue gun. (Pull the fabric so that it has no wrinkles first.) Next cut enough ribbon to go around the whole bottom of the box. Hot glue this down leaving 6-8 inches left to tie. Do the same for the lid (cut enough ribbon and glue down leaving 6-8 extra inches) I chose to glue two parallel ribbons but you can do just one in the center or off center, whatever looks best to you. Next put the lid on the box and tie the ribbons from the box and the lid together creating a cute little. Here is the finished product.

I made two!!!

Here they are in their new home in the baby's room. (Note the green material on bottom is a little see through but I think using the flash amplifies it. A thicker quilting material would cover better but I used what I had)


  1. AWESOME! What a clever idea! They look great!

  2. Love them. Adorable and so useful for collecting memories. Then you can go back and organize your collections later.