February 15, 2011

Back at it

After a week or so away from my computer, I realized that I didn’t miss it as much as I though I would.  OK…I wasn’t away from my computer I just didn’t have internet and since I didn’t have internet, what’s the point of having my computer right??  OK, I did play a little solitaire but it’s not like my free time is abundant enough for me to be wasting my day playing computer games…Now if I had an office job, that would be another story… (sorry to take a dig at all you office workers out there, but I have worked in an office setting and KNOW how much time is wasted.  I am not saying it is bad, heck I used to do it)

Anyways, if I haven’t been online then what have I been doing you ask??  Well, let me see….

I had an ultrasound and baby is looking good.  I have to go in for another though in a couple weeks since the little bugger was moving around and they couldn’t get all the heart chamber measurements they wanted.

My brother came up to work on my parent’s house with Paul, so for a few days I was a cooking cleaning machine.  Cleaning up after Tanner, Paul and Nolan is not a job for the weak.

This past weekend my family did our annual deer sausage making/stuffing/smoking at my sister’s house in Oak Grove.  It is something that my family has been doing since I was little.  It was just like old times this year especially since it was hosted at my sister’s house (which is the same house my Grandma and Grandpa lived in for YEARS) 

Tanner had TONS of fun playing with all his cousins and all the new toys and books to look at.  (my sister is starting an at home daycare so has plenty for kids of all ages to play with)  Plus she has a cat, I think that Tanner spent a good half hour chasing the cat around the house making “meow-ing” noises.

Here are some pictures of our family sausage making weekend.

Grandpa, Paul, Nolan and Brandyn and the table o meat


Adding the “secret” spices


The not so “secret” ingredient…Beer.  Usually it’s Blatz light but this year it is Miller I guess.


Jada “helping”


Notice my husband’s SWEET outfit…Ladies- He’s taken so back off!!


McKenna (Sadie’s friend’s daughter) helping


Tanner had to help too.  (This year’s other special ingredient..a TAD bit of Tanner drool)


Tanner, Saniya, and McKenna


Tanner and Addyson


Playing with Sadie’s cool toys


“Ha ha..I’m so cool”


Tanner and his cousins Alex and Gabby 


Tanner loves Gabby


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  1. I'm so not a hunting girl! GROSS!!!

    I like my meat cooked before I see it!