February 22, 2011

A Day in the life…

Yesterday, Paul and his buddy Jeff decided to take advantage of some free passes (and the President’s Day Holiday) to go snowboarding at Spirit Mountain.  One of the perks of having your husband’s best friend marry one of your best friends is that you have someone to hang out with when they get these ideas to do something like that.  So while Jeff and Paul hit the slopes, Malinda spent the day visiting with Tanner and me.  She got to witness first hand the SUPER exciting way we pass our days…playing, cooking, getting outside when we can, etc.  I hope it gave her a nice taste of the life of a Northwoods housewife/mother since she will be joining the motherhood soon with a baby coming in August.

Along with being his ADORABLE self, Tanner also showed her the NOT so glamorous side of being a mommy- he got the pukes yesterday afternoon.  Not just a sporadic puke either-the belly clearing, every 1-3 hour pukes.  My poor boy :(  I am glad to say though that after a full afternoon/evening/night of this and a 102.6 temperature, he seems to be on the mend.  He is such a good little boy that even a bug doesn’t stop him from being sweet and funny.  I am really lucky!!

In other news:

My pregnancy is chugging along just fine.  I am 23 weeks and counting.  Deuce is moving around like crazy and I can feel all it’s aerobic exercise going on (when I actually remember to take the time to sit down and enjoy the little life growing in me).

Tanner is 11 months old today which means he will be 1 before I know it!!!  EEK!!  This year FLEW by and was full of changes- good, bad, planned, and unexpected.  I can say that so far this year of being a mommy is the best year of my life.

We are making plans to make some updates  to the cabin on Sturgeon Lake next month so it will be ready for move in by end of March/early April!!! Among the plans are MAJOR organization, some rearranging, as well as painting and decoration Tanner’s big boy room and painting and decorating a room for Paul, Deuce and me. We can’t WAIT to live at the lake for a year and really take advantage of the opportunity. 

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  1. I'm so jealous you get to live at the cabin. Annella and I will make a visit up there when we;re home in July!