February 16, 2011

Not so meaty….

After my last post I decided to maybe post something not so meaty.  Seriously the pictures of making sausage are a little much (Sorry Nicole).  Not to worry, my next adventure is much more sweet and fabulous :)   Tanner is turning 1 on March 22nd and I have already sent out the invites for his party.  Since we live in the tundra and an hour plus away from my nieces and nephews, we decided to have his party at Maple Grove Community Center where the kids can play in the indoor playground and go swimming in the pool.  It is also closer for Paul’s parents to come too.

Since this is my first opportunity to throw a kids birthday party, I figure I better make some FABULOUS treats.  The theme is barnyard birthday.  I already ordered some cute decorations (including cow print balloons) but have been researching some cute cake/treat ideas.  My aunt told me about a thing that her coworker makes called Cake Pops.  Here is the most step by step directions I could find:

Cake Pop Recipe

Don’t they look fun????

However, being the crafty (or self proclaimed crafty) person I am, I have to amp it up.  Here are the cake pops that I will attempt to make:


I am sure they will look no where NEAR as perfect as this picture but I will attempt it.  In fact I might try the regular cake pops this weekend as a practice run to give my chick cake pops a chance of surviving.

Now to look for a cute cow cake recipe for a smash cake for my favorite soon-to-be 1 year old.

Can you tell I am a tad bit of a perfectionist??  Tanner’s birthday isn’t for another month but here I am planning away.  Pray to the baking gods that it all works out for me!!!

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  1. Oh, I have my party themes A YEAR OUT! Then start getting stuff together at least a few months out. Then I'm totally over the party by the time it comes!

    We made cake pops a couple years ago and mine were ugly, but tasted AMAZING!!