February 1, 2011

20 Weeks- Half way there!!

Since this is my second pregnancy and I am fully occupied (obsessed) with Tanner most days, I find that I am not documenting as much as I did with my first.  But I am already to 20 weeks!!!  Yay for that!  And EEEEK to that!!   I can’t believe how soon I will be the mother of Tanner AND a new little baby.  I am equally excited for this one but just find it harder to sit back, relax and enjoy the pregnancy as much as I did with Tanner.  I am really going to make a point to document and pay as much care, and attention to this pregnancy as I possibly can.  I have an ultrasound on Friday which we will NOT be finding out the sex of the baby.  As much as I have the urge to find out if I should be buying pink or washing and hanging up the all the blue I had for Tanner, I will again be hanging up all the yellow and green.  It’s ok though because I have been garage sale-ing and thrift store shopping enough to have a decent supply of newborn girl clothes (just in case).  I don’t have any inclinations and my dreams aren’t much help either.  Two days ago I had a dream that I had another little boy but than last night I was breast-feeding a little girl.  Guess we’ll have to wait until June.

Here are pictures of me today @ 20 weeks:

20 weeks #2 20 Weeks

Oh little “Deuce”..I am getting so excited to meet you!!!

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