May 14, 2011

I’m alive…I swear..Just VERY VERY busy

Where do I even begin.  The first 2 weeks of May have been a crazy storm of reorganizing and redecorating the lake house in preparation for the busy summer of baby, guests, etc.  It has also been a busy two weeks of doctors appointments, job interviews, meetings, and oh yeah…lets not forget the big one-SELLING OUR HOUSE!!!


First let’s start with the lake place improvements- My mother’s day gift was a fenced in play area for Tanner.  Living on a lake with a BIG hill leading down to it, I felt like our little outdoorsman needed a little safe haven of his own..aka a baby cage.  My handy husband measured out, bought and installed a fence around the swing set/play area at the cabin providing a space for Tanner’s toys and a space where he will be safe from sneaking off to the lake in the split second it takes toddlers to sneak away.  In a way it is to make my life easier too.  I know that having a new little one soon, I will have to use all four of my Mom-eyes but even they aren’t always 100% fool proof.   It gives me piece of mind knowing that in the chaotic summer, Tanner has a designated and safe play area complete with swing set and all the outdoor toys a boy could want. (Or at least enough to keep him busy if I have to divert my attention for a newborn baby poopy diaper crisis)

Also at the cabin, we are doing some MAJOR cleaning and reorganizing of the outside, the guest cabin/bar/TV lounge, and the sauna/boat house.  Our slogan is everything has a place and if it doesn’t, then GET RID OF IT!!  I am NOT a pack rat by any way, shape or form so this is a really fun project for me.'

Also, at the cabin there will be a new well being drilled next week.  They stopped by today and surveyed the area and will be digging up the front yard and drilling before we know it :)


Paul will be starting work in the pipe trades beginning in less than 2 weeks.  He just met with the Duluth local 11 pipefitters/steamfitters union and will be starting what should be a really GREAT career for him.  We knew something great would come along.  After multiple interviews and a a less-than-ideal job offer from a different company, I know he is VERY VERY happy to be doing something that will utilize his skills and abilities.  Anyone out there who is looking for work, STAY STRONG and true to what you want to do.  The job market is obviously very tough right now but keep trucking along and something will happen.  It did for us :)

  Also, I will be substitute teaching next year as supplemental income but we are hoping to maintain our one income family in order for me to stay home and do what I really love to do-raise and nurture my children.


The class reunion went off without a hitch at the end of April and  I am glad it is over.  I had lots of fun and love planning stuff but realize that sometimes I bite off more than I can chew.  I vowed that I will not be planning the next one and tried to pawn it off on another willing participant, BUT we’ll see how that goes.  Everyone said how much fun they had.  Maybe we should have done a crappier planning job so people WOULDN’T want us to do it again…hehe.

Another, planning thing I took on was a group Twins event…which is actually tomorrow.  (I really should be sleeping rather than blogging right now)  Nana (my mom) is watching the kids while Paul, me and 23 of our closest friends and family go watch some MN Twins baseball action at Target Field in Minneapolis.  It is always fun to get everyone together and do this every spring.  Last year I got a little rowdy, I have a feeling that being preggo might damper my craziness just a tad.  I am still VERY excited to cheer on the Twins…Hopefully they can actually pull out a win tomorrow-They are having a rough start to their season.


We found a buyer for our house in Danube!!!  We hadn’t even officially put it on the market and were going to do that this month.  BUT thanks to a friend of ours, we were set up with a couple who had just relocated to the Danube area and were looking to buy…and SOON!!  Long story short, we met them last Monday down in Danube, they loved it, we agreed to contract for deed terms, we packed up/moved ALL of our stuff out on Tuesday, the contract has been drawn up and reviewed by both parties, and we close on this coming MONDAY!!!! 

I can’t even describe the weight that has been lifted off our shoulders.  We were so concerned about being able to sell it and having to maintain it while it was on the market.  As of Monday, we will have no responsibility to the property other than cashing the monthly payment checks and wishing the new owners best of luck.   I am keeping my fingers crossed that the closing goes off without a hitch.  As soon as this paperwork is signed I will be breathing a HUGE sigh of relief.


WHAT?!?!?!  I’m pregnant?!?!?  I feel like I have hardly had time to breath much less enjoy this pregnancy.  I am 34 weeks along and doing awesome.  After my 6 lb vacation weight gain and my doctor asking me what I had been doing (eating and sitting on my butt..duh!!)  I am happy to report that 5 of the 6 lbs have disappeared-probably due to my hectic schedule and chasing around the area’s cutest 1 year old, and my doctor looked very relieved today at my appointment.  I feel tired but good and am excited to be having this baby in a few weeks.


So here is to the last two CRAZY weeks or maybe more like MONTHS if you add my vacation and moving and all that jazz…. It is a good thing that I am a person who stays relatively calm in chaos.  Especially since the most recent chaos has been EVERYWHERE around me and my life lately.  I am excited because after we get home from signing our house paperwork on Monday, I plan on RELAXING..Yes I said RELAXING!!!  We have some putzy projects and organizing to finish before memorial day at the lake but nothing compared to the BIG PROJECTS i have bitten off in the last 2-3 weeks.

So that’s what’s up with me…Like I said I here, just very very busy and my blogging has taken a back seat for the time being.  Don’t worry I plan on having back in FULL mamarazzi effect by the time Deuce is here.

Good Night all- time for me to go fall in my bed and sleep (at least until I get a kick in my bladder at about 2am, then again at 4am, etc….They joys of pregnancy :)

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  1. I have anxiety just reading about your life. You are super woman.