May 31, 2011

New Favorite Spot

Since moving to the lake we have made a lot of changes/improvements  to an already AWESOME lake house.  However today just might top my charts for my new favorite spot.  My mom and I turned the screen porch into a very useful and comfortable outdoor living space.  Complete with daybed, play area, and 2 hammock chairs that we bought last year at the state fair.  It is such a nice area and I can picture myself sitting out there and nursing/relaxing with “Deuce” while Tanner plays with his tool bench (that just happened to be a side of the road freebie that he loves).  Here are some pictures of my new favorite spot.


The view-

Can’t really see the lake in this pic because of the screen but the sound of the waves is so nice to hear as background noise to our afternoons.




And just because it is too cute not to post….here is a picture of my favorite naked bird watcher.  His new trick is to stand by the window and pretend to shoot the birds with his finger.  Wonder where he learned that…(THANKS AUNT KRISITI!!!)



  1. I think I need to quit reading your blog!

    Nothing makes me more homesick then thinking of weekends up at the lake. It's the thing I miss the MOST about living down south.

    I've told Andrew 1000x that we WILL own a lake house someday! Enjoy my friend!