May 8, 2011

Year of the Mother

I know I am at a perfect age to have EVERYONE I know around me having babies.  In honor of mother’s day I thought I would browse my list of facebook friends and do a tally of all my pregnant comrades who are either joining the world of motherhood for the first time OR adding to their families.  I counted 33 people on my list of facebook friends who are pregnant.  These preggos range from high school friends, to old co-workers to college classmates, etc.


That is a lot of babies and mommas people!  This also does NOT include the countless number of my friends and acquaintances that have already had babies in the last year and those who are waiting for that precious end of the 1st trimester to announce it.

Happy Mother’s Day out there everyone who wears the titles: Mommy, Mama, Mom, Mother, Ma, or Mom-to-be proudly.

I am convinced it is the toughest job in the world because as a mother you are in charge of molding minds, nurturing, loving, discipline,  clean-up, kisses, organizing, refereeing, clothing, bathing, feeding, reading, writing, learning,  teaching life lessons, more kisses, hugs, creating a home, providing security (emotional and otherwise), playing, laughing, MORE KISSES, supporting, letting go, and teaching your children how to LIVE and THRIVE and MORE!!  It’s also not a job that has a retirement date-it is a forever contract with our kids.

  Quite a daunting list if you really look at it.


The salary of being a mom is UNBEATABLE- kisses, hugs, cuddles, laughter and pure love outweigh any money in the world!!!

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote about being a mom although I am not sure who I should attribute it to.  Iit goes something like this:

“There is no one way to be a PERFECT mom but a MILLION ways to be a REALLY REALLY good one.”

Here’s to the daily desire to be the best mom I can be and learning from the great mom’s I have in my life, especially my own.

Happy Mother’s Day!!


  1. So is that a statement or do you really know someone who is waiting to announce their pregnancy...uh hello, keep me in the loop :) Happy Mothers Day to you bestie!

  2. I just found out today actually that someone is preggo and due in November but they haven't amde it Facebook "official" yet :) It is no one you know so I'm not holding out on you.