March 18, 2013

Tiebreaker is...

A girl!!!!

Looks like any future arguments in the Nyquist house will be leaning team Pink.

Tanner and Paul will be officially outnumbered.

Harriet Mae (We plan on calling her Hattie)
made her worldly appearance at 9:17 pm on St Patrick's day.

I have had "this feeling" I was having a boy all along. That shows how good my gut instinct is. I guess I had a 50/50 shot.

I would have loved a little boy too but being a gal with a sister as my best friend, I sure am glad Emmy Lu and Hattie will have each other.

The sisterly bond can be complicatedly wonderful and something I am so glad I have had as part of my life. You get a built in best friend, confidant, cheerleader, and honesty like no other. Now my girls will get all this too and sweet Tanner can act as their fearless protector. (He is a great big brother)

I am now a mom of 3.


I am ready to buckle up and hit this crazy ride of motherhood to 3 fairly young people.

But first things first, if you need me I will be here. Taking it all in, staring at my sweet little baby.

Breathing her essence, committing her every last gurgling noise to memory, counting and recounting her long fingers, holding back tears of joy that I am fortunate enough to once more become someone's mommy.

Hattie Mae, thanks for choosing me. I promise that I sure as heck don't always know what I'm doing but you will never find a soul on Earth who loves you more.

Welcome Little One.

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