October 7, 2013

Daily dose

Today Emmy Lu sprung off our coffee table, getting some decent air. She lands on both feet in a crouch, Spider-Man style. She then let's out a giggle and runs away.

Oh yeah, and she was nude. 


I had to contain my shock, laughter and how obviously impressed I was with her agility in order to tell her that performing such acts were dangerous. I gave her the obligatory "I'm your mommy and I don't want you to get hurt."

But let's get real, the girl could probably make a living as the worlds youngest stunt woman. 

This girl sure gives me a run for my money. Oh Emmy Lu, I hope you keep firing on all cylinders. You will move mountains one day....or at least jump over them.
(This obviously isn't her nude stunt work but it was a different adventure we had today. Mud. It calls her in every time)

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