December 16, 2013

Christmas Traditions

Every year, at this time of year, my mom, sister and I get together and have a marathon cookie baking day.  We picked a date and had one planned this year but the closer it got, the more that all 3 of us were dreading an entire day in the kitchen.  My sister had a great idea to switch it up.  As our Christmas gifts from her, she wanted to bring my mom and I to one of those trendy Paint Pub places.  She had done it with her husband and thought we would would enjoy it.

Boy, did we EVER!!!!

I don’t get out much (especially with BOTH my mom AND sister since they are my go-to babysitters) but this was definite a great reason to pay a sitter (my teeneage cousin, Gabby) $40 and escape for a few hours.


Here are our adventures:



Sadie working on her masterpiece.






TA-DA!!!!  Look at those paintings.



I am NOT a painter and was expecting disaster but was surprised at how much I enjoyed this and how well my painting actually turned out.  I might even find a place to hang it up in my house.



Of course, all that hard artistic work could not go unrewarded. 


We went to Osaka Hibachi Grill.  It was absolutely amazing food. What was even better was getting to spend some uninterrupted hours with the two most important ladies in my life.  It was exactly what I needed to recharge and get me through the home stretch of this holiday season.  It definitely beat baking all day.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful, wish we all had these adventures, you ladies do it best.