December 12, 2013

Dear Santa

This year the kids are just starting to grasp the concept of Santa.  Yes, we will do Santa.  I know there is a whole movement of transparency and honesty with kids in regards to magical creatures like Santa Clause and the Easter bunny.  That is totally fine if you want to be one of those parents.  However, my kids will believe in magic (at least as long as they are able to).


(And your non-believing kids better not be THAT precocious spoil-sport in Kindergarten telling all his/her  classmates that Santa isn’t real.  Don’t ruin everyone’s fun.  I’m a self declared agnostic/atheist but you don’t see me raining on all my Christian friends’ faith parade.)


{insert shock here, yes I realize Santa is NOT the same as GOD.  Don't get your undies in a bundle folks.}


I digress…back to the blog post subject.


Today, I asked the kids if they would like my help writing a letter to Santa.  Here is what they came up with:


Dear Santa,

My name is Tanner.  My sister’s name is Emmy. (apparently he forgot his OTHER sister, Hattie)


For Christmas I would like a playhouse and a toy house.  (Aren’t these the same thing…I’m confused)


I also want a Dora game and Dora clothes.  And an easel for doing art.  (The easel is what they are ACTUALY getting so I was happy to hear that my “not so subliminal” propaganda was working)


(Emmy’s turn)

I want i-pod!! (In her defense I had just taken my ipod out of her grimey hands)

I want toy circle (huh?), ice cubes (i can do that i guess…), Caillou toys (ok now we’re talking), and Georgey toys (She means Curious George).


(“Hey guys, what about Hattie?  What does she want?”)


(Tanner replies)

Oh yeah, Hattie wants a toy baby doll.


(And Emmy adds)


(I’m not entirely sure if she means a toy lion or an actual lion.  Either way, she is VERY excited about it and feels the need to yell it at me)



Emmy (as signified by a pile of scribbles)


Tanner (whose name is actually legible)


We sealed it in an envelope and they watched me address and stamp it so Daddy can mail it tomorrow on his way to work.  I can’t wait to bust this letter out when they are teenagers to remind them how cute they used to be.

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