December 8, 2013

Snow Day Activity: Indoor Racetrack

We got plenty of snow last week and now temperatures have plummeted making it dangerous to bring the kids outside. Today, to beat the cold weather with some cooped up crazy kids, I built the kids an indoor race track. It's super easy.

Painter's tape

That's it!!!

I had two different colors but you can just use what you have laying around.  

I told my kids that these were their special tracks and they ran around and around. 

Of course the natural progression was that they needed cars. (That was Tanner's idea) 

So I dug out some boxes and started creating. 

It was simple and the kids were happy with them...


Then I found some cool duct tape...

With a little creativity, tape, scissors and a permanent marker....



I can't wait till my drivers wake up from nap to see what they think.

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  1. You ROck! I am going to do this on my too hot to go outside days :)